bodhisattva wrote:

Not sure if I'm allowed to say this here ... or

I think that you're allowed to do a lot of things.
Just that selling or presenting other peoples (intellectual) property as your own isnt one of those things.


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Hello bodhisattva, or is Serpect your preferred nick.
I wonder, whats the purpose of this boogus?
It looks "a little" insane to all of the adult people around.

On a sidenote: no power to drugs.

Oh that is one useful plugin.
Gotta love it smile

Play a live role in Connorhd's hard struggles to f*ck up every single installation of PunBB worldwide.
Sow the rotten seedling into the holy soil of the sacred spheres of PunBB!

Heh, just kidding. Rock on mate!


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Quite nice.
I like.
Nuffsaid smile


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mi wrote:

But oh dear, its apparently a client for irc-chat, which requires connection to irc network...way too complicated for me, i will satisfy with a "local" chat, as will probably be the case in PunBB 1.2.

Connecting to IRC is "complicated"?

...i never understood those IRC-deniers tongue It just simply is THE chat-protocol.


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It has ever been said that PunBB does not want to include every stuff that other forums have, with the effect that they are really mighty, filled with hundreds of features which infact only some will ever use.

The reason for it not being in PunBB wasnt that PunBB is "not being developed that far yet", it was on purpose as far as i understood it. Thats the whole concept of this Forum
And you dont walk into a mans clothing store and ask for a handbag either, do you?

Im perfectly fine with it being some kind of plugin. I think thats a really good solution to the satisfaction of all.

My two pences wink

Oh, by the way, am i wrong or will modding get more and more difficult the bigger a forum software gets?


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Also you could use FireFox with the "Web Developer Toolbar", with which you can live-edit the CSS.

I have used a combination of this and Makos tool to create my own style.

Shamir wrote:

Connorhd i meant punbb look like my homepage :S, i have maybe bad english tongue big_smile

No, dont worry, your english is fine. They're just being a little retarded wink (just kidding)


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The output i have seen was:

<table border="0" align="center" width="90%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
      <div style="padding:3px; border:black 1px solid; BACKGROUND-COLOR:#4C6575; color:#000000;">
        <div onClick="openclose('spoiler-316751-0')"><font face="verdana, tahoma, arial, helvetica" size="1"><b>Click here toshow and hide the spoiler text.</b></font></div>
        <div id="spoiler-316751-0" style="display:none; padding-top:10px; margin-top:3px; border-top:1px solid black;">bla bla               bla bla bla bla
           bla bla bla bla bla bla
           bla bla bla bla bla bla
           bla bla bla bla bla bla

Yes in this case it was a table. But i think it can be done without a table as well.
It looks just like a quote or code box for example.


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Just a personal note:
Cant say i like JavaScript smile

Paulie wrote:

Im using 1.5.0 version of punBB. Now installed successfull but I can't see "Messages" link on top where is "Home", "User list" etc..

There aint no 1.5.0 version of punBB.
Maybe that is your problem tongue

1.2 is the current punBB version, and the PrivMsg System was coded for 1.1.5 punBB.

Do you people actually read a topic or just post questions and see what happens next?


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How about the possibility to quote more than one post at once?

Just like the 'Delete multiple posts' function maybe some possibility to check certain posts and then add them all at once to the message box.
As several

one after another of course.


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I have seen something like this on a different forum once and considered it to be very cool and useful.

The tags were [spoiler] and [/spoiler] and the effect was that a box was created which was like this:

| Click here to read the spoiler text.                                |

and if you clicked it was like:

| Click here to read the spoiler text.                                |
| Spiderman has a coming out and dies shortly after.                  |
| :(                                                                  |

Can anyone do this?
Its "just" a hidden <div> but im too stoopid to do it myself.
I'd love to see this!


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Wheres the problem with 3 different CSS files, if the outcome is for example that all the color-related stuff is in one file and nothing else?

Get the web developer toolbar for Firefox and have 'outline block level elements' and 'display ID & class details' activated. It helps you a lot with understanding the structure and use of each tag.
Its Edit CSS functionality allows you live-edit the CSS. So you can work by trial and error. Or, alternatively, and even easier, use this

With this and after reading a CSS-tutorial about how selectors work, even a total noob like me can create its own skin by modifying.

Also imho its not everybodies business to create own skins. Those who just cant do it have to wait and see what others create and publish. And i think with other board-systems and stuff the percentage of this group is remarkably higher.


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Guess its done by '-moz-opacity' or 'filter:alpha(opacity=)' (Mozilla/IE).
Both arent W3C standard.


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Probably because Rickard has deleted this picture from the server, as with 1.2 they are not needed anymore. Afaik.

But then and coz of that i'd say the link in help.php should indeed be changed.