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Can you say more about using two installs with a single database?

I'd really like to add another support forum and have my current users able to remain registered.

Thank You, i've needed this for so long, and i am so happy to have found this post, and had it be so simple to do.

really, thank you!!!

wouldn't this simply be a matter of adding the function?

I mean, there's nothing wrong with bbcode. I dig it. But i do want to have access to more html tags, and textpattern is a novel way of doing that (adding H1, H2, etc...)

Why not just add this, as opposed to replacing the bbcode?

flx wrote:

i had that problem, too and did a mixture between textile and bbcode.
- uninstall the textile replacement mod
- opern include/parser.php and search for "$pattern = array(" in function "function do_bbcode($text)"
- then replace the $pattern and $replace arrays with:

You're saying that you now allow both textile and bbcode simply by making this change?

I think this is super baad!

one hassle: using the header code "hn." has a flaw (at least in safari and firefox on a mac) where the subsequent <h1></h1> doesn't close correctly. The closure happens at the end of the entry, thus everything posts as "h1."

Haven't found a good way to ask textile to close this tag correctly...

a.) what am i doing wrong?
b.) do other people have this hassle?

I actually really liked being taken immediately into the main forum, and then have the option to go back to the index, and choose other destinations.

I have a site where there is one primary area, and the rest could maybe use a little more metriculation before folks are generally ready to join the discussion. The idea of entering into a single forum, but still having the option to seek more info if needed works well for me.

Nice work.

Moves fast, barely even notice the change.

I love this mod! My community use it every day and we really appreciate your hard work.

I have one thought, after some use of the mod:

somehow the addition of "there are new messages" is quite easily overlooked. some people never even notice that they have new messages.

wondering if there's a way to simply make the pun menu "messages" bold when there's a new message, and not bold when there are no new ones?

Seems like the simplest way to get people's attention.

Is there any way to unblock specific people manually?

Someone i know is not a spammer is being blocked and I would like to unblock them.

This is very cool.

How could this be arranged so that what's between the bbcode markers would become the file or stream to be played?



this would indeed be a superb addition to punbb!

Working great here.


I think that would be fantastic. And what's more, to allow only admins and mods to use the [html][/html] function would be very cool, or an option for permission even better.

Tried another approach:

Adding this to the main template instead of the header, and addressing only the div id i want to change.

<div id="<?php

if (time('G') >= 6 && time('G') < 19) {
echo 'daytime_id';
} else {
echo 'nighttime_id';


still results in the absence of this div. not even the else condition appears.

I am pretty sure I have the "time()" syntax wrong, but didn't think that would block the else from working...


Feeling ambitious, but incompetent.

I've been exploring a "day" and "night" version of my style sheet.

In trying to automate it, i am working to integrate this code by applying it to the header:

Line 65 of header.php

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style/<?php echo $pun_user['style'].'.css' ?>" />


<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php

// Not sure about this part here, trying to establish the root

echo "/";

// Hours difference (+/-) your board is from the server's time
$offsetfromserver = 0;

$thehour = date('G') + $offsetfromserver;

if ($thehour >=6 && $thehour < 19) {
echo 'style/sheet1.css';
} else {
echo 'style/sheet2.css';

?>" type="text/css" media="screen" />

in theory it should work. As an if/else condition this works to display an image, or something else between these hours. But for some reason it's not functional for swapping the style sheet code.

What happens is upon application, all the css information is lost.

What am I doing wrong?

right, and either make it a span, or change the script to make it operate as an ID.


But somehow in this board, there's a function that goes to the post to see it, just after you posted it.

I am looking to alter the class of only that specific output.

otherwise everything ends up fading...

Right. I figured that out by trial and error. I can fade the backfround of the entire page, but I really need direction to how to apply this trendy trick to only the poster's most recent post upon viewing it after a post is entered. Nowhere else.

I just can't make out where that actually exists in the code.

I'd like to add a class, "fade" to the newest post only. so that when a user writes a reply, and the page reloads they will see the fade anything technique highlight their post, and it them fades to the background color.

I didn't have a problem adding the scrip into the header, but I am baffled as to where to add the class="fade" for the users new post only.

any ideas?


well that does add the admin php pages into a root folder 'admin'

but it doesn't seem to work, and doesn't answer my question.

I'll try it anyhow and see.


Thank you!!!


I've been getting a ton of dubious "guests" on my board lately. That doesn't bother me so much because there's a nice community of members, and a larger group of mute readers... but lately there have been a decent number of registrations from obviously bunk email addresses (ex: excitement@mail.ru)

I have the current version installed, and feel relatively secure, however, I was wondering if, just for a little peace of mind, it might be ok to password protect all the admin.php files.

It would be easier if they lived in a folder, and i could just password protect the folder, but i really don't mind entering this extra pasword to access the admin pages. I am the only admin, and thus it would only effect me.

My question:
Do the admin pages function on behalf of moderators and users in ordinary use of the board?
Will password protecting these pages mess up anyone's experience reading and posting on my board?


Here's a fantastic article and code for integrating WP and PunBB together

http://www.liewcf.com/blog/archives/200 … wordpress/

Thanks Connorhd!

Somehow I missed this second changeset:

Much appreciated!

After manually updating from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6 I get an error.

When a user (mod or admin) performs any action in their profile, or admin area, when punbb tries to redirect to the index, it comes up with the "you followed an old or a bad link" message.

What could I have messed up?

I'd love to fix this...

dss wrote:

Strange, but i suddenly can't add events to my calendar.

seems like it's gone frank sinatra on me.

no explanation, just "An error was encountered" Error: Unable to create new event."


sorted; the hassle came from using quotes in the title.


quotes removed, new event posted fine.

Strange, but i suddenly can't add events to my calendar.

seems like it's gone frank sinatra on me.

no explanation, just "An error was encountered" Error: Unable to create new event."