thanks again.


ok, I moved the div down to just above where the #brdtitle is, and it just works...

amazing stroke of genius!

Thank You!

I edited the above post to say more...

I think it's where i've got my wrapper, perhaps it falls before the #punindex comes in?

Well, this is genius!

Sadly, it only displays the #brdtitle, never the #punindex #brdtitle

not sure why exaclty, but it was a genuine stroke of genius coming up with it!

I applied your thinking to a wrapper i had in place to contain the head image:

The tpl

<div id="wrapper">
<div id="headhome" onclick="location.href='';" style="cursor: pointer;">
<div id="punwrap">
<div id="pun<pun_page>" class="pun">

the css

/* Header Graphic */

#headhome {
    height: 100px;
    width: 100%;
    margin-top: 0px;
    padding: 0;
    align: center;
background: #FFF url(/images/logo2.jpg) no-repeat center top;

#headhome * {
    display: none;

#punindex #headhome {
    height: 250px;
    width: 100%;
    margin-top: 0px;
    padding: 0;
    align: center;
background: #FFF url(/images/logo.jpg) no-repeat center top;

/* End Header Graphic */

got me thinking...


Do you mean use CSS to create an "if" condition?

I'm trying to change the header image <div class="headone"> which css defines containing a 250px tall image on every page.

I'd like to keep that on the index, and within a forum, or a topic, exchange it for a 100px image contained as the background of <div class="headtwo">

I didn't think i could do that purely with CSS.

or did you mean use an if somewhere in viewtopic and viewforum?

I'd like to show

div class=one

if it is the index.php


div class=two

if is is the viewforum.php or viewtopic.php

if (is_index.php)
'<div class="one">'

'<div class="two">'

It seems like this is all done in the main.tpl

can i add condtional php to the main.tpl?



thank you.

here's the final css i used (jicai)

/* For the first post */

div.firstpost h2, 
div.firstpost, div.firstpost div.postright, 
div.firstpost div.postfootright, 
div.firstpost div.postleft, div.firstpost div.postfootleft {
    background-color: #fff
div.firstpost div.postright, 
div.firstpost div.postfootright, 
div.firstpost div.postfootleft {
    border-left-color: #fff

div.firstpost div.postright {
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 40px;
padding-left: 25px;
padding-right: 25px;

div.firstpost div.postfootleft, 
div.firstpost div.postfootright {
padding-bottom: 10px;

/* End first post style */

I'm having some luck with the .firstpost class

however, there's a grey box that simply won't go away...

despit this overly dramatic css:

/* For the first post */

.firstpost DT, .firstpost DL, .firstpost DD, .firstpost TD, .firstpost TR, .firstpost table,
.firstpost p,
.firstpost .linkst,
.firstpost .postmsg,
.firstpost .postsignature,
.firstpost DIV,
.firstpost .rowodd,
.firstpost .roweven,
.blockpost .rowodd .firstpost,
.firstpost .conr, 
.firstpost .box,
.firstpost .inbox,
.firstpost DIV.postleft,
.firstpost DIV.postright, 
.firstpost DIV.postfootleft, 
.firstpost DIV.postfootright {
    background: #FFF;

.firstpost .postright {
padding-top: 10px;
padding-bottom: 40px;
padding-left: 25px;
padding-right: 25px;

where is that box coming from?


Ok, i see the equasion already there in viewtopic.php:

<?php if (($post_count + $start_from) == 1) echo ' firstpost'; ?>

dunnoe how i missed this before (well, yeah i do...)

The classes involved are:



a simple change to the tags i want to change (adding .firstpost) should do it?

could it really be as simple as that?

It would have to be either an if equasion, saying something like if it's post number one, then new class.

i guess my question was more about where this information is generated in the script... been searching, and it doesn't seem to be a template issue... to change it there changes it everywhere.


I'm trying to change the class of the first post...

<div class="postright">

I'd like it to a different style (both the user info and the post itself) from the replies which follow.

where can i set this css class in the code for punbb?

It remains marked as unread (despite the Mark Topics as Read mod) and seems to drive everyone nuts.

trevor wrote:

maybe it would be best to worry about the PunBB and Wordpress end before any photo gallery integration?


yeah, good call.

I think that "The Gallery Issue" is going to be a setback indeed. There are so many Galleries, and yet, no one is really 100% happy with them.

Here are a couple decent links to people i admire who have thought this over in depth: … -solution/

My votes:

WordPress, Punbb, and something very simple like Folderblog, or SPG for the gallery.

Because the first hurdle here is integration of front and back end?

All CSS and a little php.

something complex like Gallery, or Coppemine would demand a secondary backend, whereas SPG etc, only require a first time setup, styling, and then uploading.

WP could easily be modified to upload those images (by type) into the new locations for gallery output.

I'm so glad this discussion didn't just die like a brick!

You know I don't think that the style issue is that big of a deal. Like a gallery, it's pretty straightforward to style a punbb install like any other "parent" site script (wordpress, nucleus, etc...)

I styled the SPG with my personal WP theme by simply adding the header and footer to the index.php and then combining the css file.

a little this and that and it was done.

To my mind the isse is how to integrate them at the database level.

"a walk in the park" perhaps for some, but for me (falls off his chair laughing.)

I mean, what's the list of important exchanges?

to me:

1. shared users (register at one [punbb,] and be recognized by the other[wp])
2. use punbb instead of comments
3. link the files using template tags [im wp]
the number of comments is counted by wp
the link to comments is a link to punbb
choice to popup, or reload page

4. the display is a combination of the original post (in wp) and the discussion below (in punbb)

these connections and exhanges seem, frankly, overwhelming to me.

As for which is better, or what to use...

I think that it would have to be a decision made in advance. In that WordPress and Nucleus, MT, and all the poular blog scripts do the same junk, but they work very differently.

I'll try to do my part, and develop some method of theme/templae exchange between WP and Punbb.

got a week or two free, so i can start asap.

Thanks for keeping this going...

If you would like to style your feeds like mine

I wrote up a little tutorial on how to do it here

: )

fantastic! thank you.

I've been thinking about this for a long time.

Gamerz (from the WP forums) was talking about getting something like this working for phpbb a while back but his example link was broken, and nothing ever came of it.

Also, Matt, from WP developed bbPress, and writes a little in the dev list about how integrating the two should be easy to do.

imagine a WP post, and a bbPress series of responses? heavy...

As for punnbb:

My thoughts have been that it would be best to first create a uniformed look and feel.

either get punbb to look like your WP install
or your wordpress install to look like your bunbb design.

op ed:
(this is important for continuity... if you want to use one or the other as the "front end" of your site then it is essential. usually, in communities, when people find your message board, they just directly link there, and never read your pages or news sections again.)

once you have them looking very much the same, the easiest thing to do would be to disable comments on WordPres, and altar the "comments" link globally, and individually in WP.

modfy the link to either load the board inline below the post, or as a popup.

The tricky part is to get the number of replies between the two applications. but, punnbb has a superb rss addition that alexking (also a wordpress benefactor) developed.

possible you could maintain those counts on your main site with a feed.

i am not proficient in php to otherwise determine how you could hard code a function to go see how many replies there have been, and then output the number on the wordpress page.

(however, that code would end this issue, and solved the problem completely!)

dunnoe if my reply is even helpful...

good luck.

Is this released?

I updated to 1.2.5 manually, and then re applied the changes for this mod and it's working perfectly now.

Edward wrote:

What should be changed in order to make the Chatbox work in 1.1.5?

probably nothing... It's just an addition to the index.


I've installed this, and it's great.

One question:
When a user enters a comment the page is reloaded to the top of the page.
Any way to have only the chatbox itself reload?

I send manual registration checks to people once they're registered.
If they reply, we're good. If they don't I delete them.

Also I make a general practice of deleting long term accounts without posts associated with them.

Somehow people don't like to have to validate their accounts through email. It appears to be a deterrant to both chuckle-heads, as well as actual potential members.

Some way of automating this process without interfering with the instant gratification would be welcome indeed.

Right. it seems some change is needed in viewforum.php to adjust for the polls.

But since i didn't make any changes in viewforum.php when installing Easy Poll 1.0.5 (or did I?) I'm not really sure where to being looking to correct the error.

Let me review the install and see if i've overlooked something.