How do I make a <br> after one newspost without getting an error? Dunno where to put it, wherever I try I get an error when I refresh the page.

Connorhd wrote:

thats extern.php you need to download the externnews.php eariler in this topic...

EDIT: … &fid=1

Thanks thanks. big_smile I owe you one. tongue

I hope I can get some help with this even though the topic is old. neutral
My code looks like this atm:
            // Display first paragraph only (comment out next four lines to turn off)
            //$paragraph = preg_split("/\s*\n+/", $cur_post['message']);
            //if ($paragraph[1]) {
            //    $cur_post['message'] = $paragraph[0] . "...";

But I still don't get the full topic: … &fid=1