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Bottom is ok,but plz not at the top


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I used the pantranslator.exe to translate 1.2 english files to Turkish from the very beginnning.While using the program i chose the source & destination files the same after which i uploaded the content to a new directory called tr.

Whlie tryinh each link one by one i got an error in profile link:

Parse error: parse error, expecting `')'' in /home/www/cih.mybesthost.com/lang/tr/profile.php on line 90

Notice: Undefined variable: lang_profile in /home/www/cih.mybesthost.com/profile.php on line 1042

Plz. take a look at my profie.php file to see whole content.
Any suggestions?

How to move a forum from one host to yr host?

It s just the same error Chombila wrote.I have tried the debug mode on earlier.

Hi Everybody,
I m also a punbb fan from Turkiye.I have a trouble to shoot which i ve been suffering for a long time.Almost each two days i get this error and my contact to the admins didnt help much really.So i m thinking of the possibility to add a crontab(i didnt mispell it,right?) and if it might solve the issue.My pages & forum is hosted on mybesthost.com.
Are there any other punbb users getting hosted in mybesthost.com nd having smilar problems??
Thanx in advance