why does it say not recommended to use 0 as redirect time? what is the purpose of those in-between pages?
i'm integrating a site on top of punbb and wondering if i should use functions such as redirect() or write my own simple header(...) function wrapper...


i'm using punbb for my site so i use it as a php/sql example once in a while.

i've noticed that a lot of data stored in the punbb tables are redundant. for example, the 'post' table stores both the 'poster' name and the 'poster_id'.

is it because it is more efficient to not do a select with a join?
are there other reasons?
is it that much more efficient?
it seems like the code and the db would be "cleaner" if it wasn't the case...

i'm not criticizing how punbb is designed, i'm just trying to understand better how to design my own data structure which is of course used differently than punbb.

what should i take into consideration in order to decide whether to duplicate some data in the various tables?


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