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To get the build 1491 (the last one) just follow the link http://dev.punbb.org/changeset/1491/bra … format=zip

1.3 is out  !

Hope the new features will be helpfull :
- Select several post and move them in one step (thanks to 505)
- Merge several topics in one step. All the topics should be merge within the oldest selected topic.

This 1.3 version in not related to PunBB 1.3 Is only for the 1.2.* smile



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Looks fine for me !
Thanks smile


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Let's me see what can I do to give you access. Where Should I send this ?

Edit: Send to your email


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Rickard wrote:

Hmm. It only affects forum names and category names? Usernames, posts, subject etc are converted correctly?

You are right I did the check to quickly I got the same problem with posts subject, category and forum name. But is ok for the Username .
I did a test few weeks ago (before the beta 1400) the username wasn't OK but all the rest was fine.

fpouget wrote:

I've too several mistakes on the index.php

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 7 of 21 bytes in /home/ftp/upload/www/forum2/index.php on line 189

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 23 of 38 bytes in /home/ftp/upload/www/forum2/index.php on line 189

may be is linked ?

Rickard wrote:

Not linked. The index.php error is because there's something wrong with your array of moderators. Have you had any mod installed that fiddles with the moderators?

Yes is linked with the UTF8 conversion

From Forums field Moderators


the second username is cuted Pierre-André --> Pierre-Andr   and there is nothing behind, is why I've the unserialize() issue .



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db_update.php (build 1450)
The special character are not converted properly the forum name on the forum table and the Category Name on the category table

Géomatique  --> G

I've too several mistakes on the index.php

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 7 of 21 bytes in /home/ftp/upload/www/forum2/index.php on line 189

Notice: unserialize() [function.unserialize]: Error at offset 23 of 38 bytes in /home/ftp/upload/www/forum2/index.php on line 189

may be is linked ?


For an obscur reason i wasn't subscribed anymore to this topic since july. sad  Is why i didn't followed the chats...
1.3 is coming I'm thinking hard on it wink

minis wrote:

It seems to be some limits. When you need to select caterogies, it show only ~100, and you can't choose older topics.

????? I don't understand where is the limit ...



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Great ! and fast !



It seems than the boolean 'OR' is not working properly in a search request:

"kind update" = "kind AND update" = "kind OR update" = 2 pages of result
"update" = 47 pages how can "kind OR update" could be so low ?

Do you confirm ?



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So several days smile weeks smile months sad ...


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Jérémie wrote:

You can't alter the copyright of the sources.
You can remove if you want the Powered_by mention on the pages displayed.

I will removed "Powered by PunBB - © Copyright 2002?2005 Rickard Andersson" as soon it will be changed officialy. I choose Rickard Andersson not SoftDeluxe ...
Anyway I hope that PunBB's spirit/philosophy won't change, and I'm ready for beta testing the 1.3


"Compete manager of posts"

What is it ?

If I understand well you want to select few posts and move all the selected post in one operation. Is planned this for onr of nexts versions but I'm not really good to work with the array, so in anyone is interested to help or better wink to do it, he is very welcome smile

A bit difficult to do that, because this is the way how PunBB works ... If i want to do that the only way is to delete the post you want to move and to recreate it with a new id in order to get the whished sort ... Not impossible of course but not very relevant in many case. I keep in mind but I don't promiss anything.


upload/lang/English/topic.php to lang/English/topic.php

My appologies it shoud be understood as

upload/lang/English/movepost.php to lang/English/movepost.php

Your second proposition should works fine !


Thanks ! Is probably something to do but so far I don't have the time to focus on. May be for the next release with the new PunBB 1.3. If ever someone want to do it please do it wink

No time for me to do that. But feel free to do your own mod to this mod wink

Merci ! wink

1.2 is available for download and for demo.

Only one new feature : is possible to move a post in a new topic giving only the topic_id.
But all the index's bugs mentionned by Vovochka and fews others ones have been fixed.

Enjoy smile

I'm probably not the first one to report this one, but i couldn' find something similar ...

1 - Create a new topic something like "tagada123" as subject and "tagada789" as text.
2 - Edit the post and change the suject by "tagada321" and the text by "tagada987".
3 - Open the table search_words, sort it by word_id and both "tagada123" and "tagada789" are still in the table...

Is not a big issue because if you do a search you 'll find only "tagada321" and "tagada987", but it's increasing for nothing the table search_words.

Am I right ?

The 1.2 should be ready here : http://georezo.net/demo/
A release will be available as soon tests will be OK. If you have a little time for il will be appreciate, Thanks


Could you check http://georezo.net/demo/ , the firsts issues should be solve now. I figure out the situation you mention few minutes ago, it should be solve tonight with (hopefully) the new release.


You are right my apologies.

A new release is coming soon !


The yesterday release correct at least one bug. Now the one you mention is not clear to me

Could you give me a true exemple on the demo site : http://georezo.net/demo/ with the relevant search request ?


Vovochka you are perfectly right !!!
The mod has been updated tonight, thanks to you.

Edit : and by chance today is the birthday of the fist release of this mod tongue