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Smartys wrote:

When it's finished wink

All is said.

An for the third part, I think you should just use the same code than in post.php.


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Nice to see that you will be 8 to program, 8 to bring ideas, 8 to finish the next version, 8 to etc...
Good luck, and good work !


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Another little one


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Yep, it's a bug. But you do not herit of the group of the previous user. A good point smile


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Hey Frank H ! At least another guy with two screens wink


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StevenBullen wrote:



If the problem comes from FrontPage, like it seems, change your ftp software, not your forum software...
Or have I misunderstood ?


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I'm not much into background texture, usually, but this time I like that !


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Edge Master


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Do you have a link to let us see this thing ?


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email are already hiden when you are not connected.
But messenger's info, in the profile, are not... This could a good feature, yes.


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And then you make a face with tomatoes.

I am really, really sorry.


Changing the ftp password and username won't screw up anything. I think this is the first thing to do, before the hacker (if there is on) does it.

If the databse is intact, your lucky ! It's the only irrecoverable thing. You can always re-uplaod the files.

good Luck !


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I see i am not the only one who is bored to death, today !


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There is a mod for image verification.
Search it on punres wink

For the avatar, check out this : http://www.punres.org/desc.php?pid=134


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More broswer, but 20 minutes minimum to wait !
This won't help me me to increase my rentability tongue

Here's the french version :


// Language definitions used in uploads.php
$lang_uploads = array(

'Uploader'            =>    'Téléverseur',
'File'            =>    'Fichier',
'Size'            =>    'Taille',
'Delete'            =>    'Supprimer',
'Posted by'            =>    'Utilisateur',
'Rang'                =>    'Rang',
'Date'                =>    'Date',
'Size'                =>    'Taille',
'Downloaded'            =>    'Téléchargé',
'Desc'                =>    'Description',
'Sort'                =>    'Cliquer pour classer selon ce critère',
'Filter'            =>    'Critères',
'Categ'                =>    'Catégorie',
'Part'                =>    'Nom du fichier contenant',
'All'                =>    'Tout',
'Pages'                =>    'Sur la page',
'Go to page'            =>    'Aller à la page :',
'Enable filter'            =>    'Appliquer les critères',
'Reset filter'            =>    'Remettre à zéro',

'Not allowed'        =>    'Action non autorisée.',
'Not allowed mes'    =>    'Je suis désolé, mais vous n\'avez pas les permissions nécessaires pour accéder à ce module.',
'Upload file'        =>    'Téléverser un fichier',
'Upload rules'        =>    'Règles de téléversement :',
'Upload rules mes'    =>    "- Vous pouvez téléverser des fichiers avec ces extensions: %EXT%<br />
                - La taille maximale d'un fichier est de %SIZE% KB<br />- Ne téléversez pas de contenus illégaux",
'Descr'            =>    "Description du fichier :",
'Upload warn'        =>    "Les fichiers peuvent contenir des virus ou être illégaux. Merci de reporter un tel cas à l'administrateur.",
'File list'        =>    "Liste des fichiers. Fichier apporté : %NUM%. Page %CUR% sur %ALL%.",
'Err no file'        =>    "Vous n'avez pas spécifiez de fichier à téléverser",
'Err file exists'    =>    "Il y a déjà un fichier de ce nom sur le serveur",
'Err file big'        =>    "Le fichier est trop lourd",
'Err file type'        =>    "L'extension de ce fichier n'est pas prise en charge",
'Err file couldnot'    =>    "Impossible d'envoyer le fichier",
'Err file not found'    =>    "Fichier introuvable",
'Err counter'        =>    "Impossible d'augmenter le compteur de fichier, peut-être n'y a-t-il pas de tel fichier",

'File uploaded'        =>    "Fichier téléversé : ",
'File deleted'        =>    " - fichier supprimé!"



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If you read english :
http://punres.org/doku.php?id=dev:style … go_via_css

If you prefer french :
http://www.punbb.fr/forums/doku.php?id= … logo_titre

This is a right place, and i have to say : this is a great mod !
Good Work !