Has anyone had any experience with slashcode or phpslash?  I'm trying to play around with a slashdot style site, and I'm still figuring out the best way to go about it.  I was curious if somebody here had set up either of these packages- or something similar. 

I'm still wrestling with installing phpslash at the moment (but the website, and appropriate docs, is not available half the time).  I haven't gotten brave enough to try slashcode yet because I'd like to avoid mod_perl if I could.  Are there any other packages out there, that I'm missing, that could do the same job?  I've been going through tons and tons of blog comparisons, but so far nothing jumps out. (no clear standout like punbb was when I was looking for forum software)  Not to mention, most of them, seem to be geared truly for "personal publishing" - I'm going to want many many users to post. 

I suppose, I should be leaning more for the "portal" style packages (like postnuke, mambo, etc), but those are so bloated and full of modules and items I'm never going to need. 

As always, thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some insight, experiences and/or battle scars!

Take Care!

Yeah, thanks for that post.  I was jumping in today to ask how to curb that very problem.

And hooray for the mini-portal!  It was just what I needed for the site I'm toying around with.  Thanks again, Connorhd!

Many thanks.

I will have to play with this for the next few days and see what I can do.

Thanks again to all.

Thanks guys!

Yeah, I know I will have to do some coding to get everything I want done.  I was just hoping to get some prefab stuff to get started with while I dust of the programming skills and get my head wrapped around php.  I've pretty much been doing just sys amdin work for so long, I lost most of what I had learned about the language (been gaining a bit back by customizing my punbb site, though). 

I do agree with you, hcgtv, though.  Something like limbo (or even more lightweight) might be a good start.  The project/hobby I'm working on basically spreads the various functionality of a bloated CMS package across several related sites. - forum, links, blog, news, etc - with a site dedicated to each.  All of them would be themed alike and linked together.  Vertical apps for each service (like punbb) that are fast and effective would be nice to grab until this is more than a hobby (highly unlikely that it will be that popular, but it's fun and the time I spend on it gives my wife something to give me a hard time about wink ).  My CSS foo is lacking too, but again, I'm getting more used to it by playing with pun. 

Anyway, thanks again for the insight.  I'll keep digging around, and go find my copy of php for dummies. smile

Hello folks,
You all, for the most part, seem to have a good feel for which scripts and open source projects are both useful and well performing - after all, you use punbb! wink  I need to see if I can tap into that knowledge for a moment.

I'm working on a little project where I'd like to build a directory of links to sites - Yahoo! style (for lack of a better analogy)

Has anyone come across a good (preferably open source) set of scripts (php or cgi - preferably the former) that do this?  I've had moderate success in Googling, but what I've found doesn't always have substantial user reviews and the like.  I figured I'd ask you all if you had any experience with this sort of thing - especially one that might have design/performance objectives similar to that of punbb.

I found punbb via opensourcecms.com, and I've had success finding other CMS solutions there.  Unfortunately, however, there isn't much there for this type of application.  If anyone knows of a similar site that might have comparisons of these types of scripts, that would be great as well.

Thanks in advance!


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Version 2

I added some softer colors instead of the white to give some contrast.  I still have work to do on my grays.  I also need to find a better way to splash some red into the post section.  That leaves me with the Quick post colors and possibly some tweaks to the quote box.  Let me know if this is any better.



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You're right - the red may be a little much.  I'll look into playing with that.  As for the topics, thanks for the input.  I'll have to chew on that one a while.  I've been working with some folks to help me populate some of these forums with topics, but I see your point about too much too soon. 

Thanks again to both of you.  If I get any reasonable changes to the look and feel done soon, I'll post and update.

Take care,


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PS - I added a test forum where guests could post in case anyone wants to see the colors for those views of the site.

Thanks again,

Hello all,
I'm in the process of trying to button up a site - http://www.texasmusictalk.com

Since I am graphically-challenged, I was hoping you all could offer input and ideas on color schemes.  I'm starting to get my head wrapped around the css sheets - that is a plus.  I'm afraid, however, that the Red, White and Blue color scheme is great for flags (American or Texas), but not the best for websites.  Any ideas or suggestions you have would be most welcome!

Thanks in advance!