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hcgtv wrote:

You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

John Lennon

Hehe, nice one. It's ok to have big dreams now and then, right? wink

Thanks for other feedback as well.
The mailing list form looked shitty, I agree. I just removed it for now.

Bingiman, I'll see if I can copy the code for you. I'm at work now, so I don't have it accessible.


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I have been a lazy boy and had to do the hdiff from 1.2.10 to 15 hmm
Quite a lot of editing!

Worked smoothly tho, thanks for the improved security smile


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Hey folks, I've created my 3rd Pun-based site.
I haven't started promoting it yet, so it's not so active, but that'll come wink

It's using the Frontpage-mod with the theme "LateNight".

Other mods:
-Topic Tags for quick search.
-Video bb-code for YouTube etc.
-"Tell a friend" link on all threads.
-Digg-button on all threads.

Much thanks to the creators of Punbb and all the mods!


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Jérémie wrote:
Endre wrote:

I did however notice that the search-page did not include the current option of searching "topic only" or "message only". Is this feature gone, cause I kinda liked it, and use it often.

"Show results as..."? It's there, even on the screenshot smile

Not the display, I mean "Search in"
In the current Pun you can search in Topics only, Message text only, or both.


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Looks great, better organised menu and navigation. And some fresh new colours as well smile

I did however notice that the search-page did not include the current option of searching "topic only" or "message only". Is this feature gone, cause I kinda liked it, and use it often.


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Yeah, PunBB reported over 3000 users.
I am on a dedicated server, yes, so we managed to pull off the massive amount of people.
We've got a 64 bit dual core server, but I can't remember the exact info about it.

Ever since the Superbowl we've had 300-900 people online at any given time, and the site has been flowing effortlessly. Only today it's started to slow down a bit, but it's been a good experience.
And given my experience with other software before, I must again say that PunBB was a critical element for me to pull it off!

I run a fansite for Prince, and after the superbowl performance, we had a ridiculous amount of visitors!
Thanks to PunBB, we managed to pull it off perfectly.
We turned off all extra features like avatars, smileys, quick-jump menu and many other features, and it worked brilliantly.

It was fun to see how well the software worked under extreme pressure.

If anyone is interested in the stats, we had about 3000 people online at the same time for a while, and about 600 people online at any time during the last 24 hours.
I'm so glad I'm running PunBB today, with a bloated forum software, the server would have crashed for sure.


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I've been using Pun for a couple of years, and now I've added the Frontpage mod to it.
It was pretty tricky to transfer all the content, but I got it working eventually.
The site is using one of the default styles that came with the package, since I liked it so much.
I also added the ajax_extern in the side menu.

Thanks to everyone who continue to create Punbb and the mods. You really do an amazing job!

Now, here's my site:


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That's actually a brilliant idea. It would reward loyalty and discourage those who post meaningless post to achieve a rank.


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The link when clicking the main logo is not correct, you should fix it.
Nice site tho, beautiful logo particularly smile


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Cool stuff, instead of congratulating you all I think I should say thank you!
Thanks for all the work you've done so far, and hopefully all the brilliant things in the future big_smile

On a side note, organising the site/work in a team like this is a really good idea. I've done the same on my site, for the same reasons, and it's been a massive success!


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Check that out, it should help smile

Works fine, I'm using FF2

Doesn't the link to "show your posts" take care of this?

Fantastic smile
I'm definitely gonna include this when I upgrade my forums shortly.


This is probably the most popular mod on my site, besides the PM-mod.
Fantastic job smile
I think at least 1000 videos are posted with this mod in just a few months.

Good idea, but I think the Rating should be displayed in Viewforum, so that people can view the rating without opening the thread.

YouTube is already on the Top10 list of the biggest sites in the world.
Another thing that makes YouTube unique, is the amount of time spent there by each user, it's 5-20 times as long as on a regular website.
I actually think Google made a bargain buy at that price!

Check out www.alexa.com for stats, look up YouTube, it's impressive!

I have two questions:

1. Would it be possible to dissallow people from changing the "posts per page" setting?

2. Is is possible to set a different default for different forums?

The reason I want this, is that there is big differences in the content of forums.
A page with 20 text-posts is not a problem, and could easily be set to 40 even.
But in a forum for posting of pictures,  20 posts is a lot per page, and takes a long time to load.
Now with the youtube-mod, this is even more of a problem.

Wouldn't it be great if I could set the picture and video forums to display only 5 posts per page, while the normal text-forums contain 20-40 posts per page?

YtseJam wrote:

Lots of questions and no answers! BUMP! tongue

I don't have an answer, but YTSEjam is a great song!

I've got a practical problem with this mod, cause my members are very fond of Quoting. So when they quote, the video shows up again and again.
Is it possible to make it like the image-tags, that change to Url-tags when quoted?


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Smartys wrote:

User Management Plugin

Thanks, I should search before I ask tongue


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I just checked for Not Verified on my forum, and there are tons!
Is there any way to prune away all those users, with a mod perhaps?

lol, this chick is from my forum.
See the things we have to deal with??



I asked the same, and got help in that thread.