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OK. So, how about a way to upload sig pics? This would actually be a lot better than using [img] tags anyways. And I imagine that most of the work is already done, in the shape of the avatars?

Any takers? ;-)


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A few posters have been complaining recently about how they can't add sig pics. I was worried about the sizes of the things getting out of hand. Ideally I'd limit the size to.. whatever the full width is x 100 or somewhere around there. For now, I can smack users who attach overly large images, but how would I go about putting size restrictions (both pixels and file size) on sig pics?


Yep, it is really easy, isn't it? Nice job. =]

Was experiencing same problem, thanks for the tip off about the plug-in.

It took a single night to fully integrate PunBB into my site, making me the happiest little boy on the whole wide world.

Check them out at http://whitemaleconsumer.com/forum

I'm still in that never-ending process of tweaking, but it worked out perfectly. Was even able to completely strip the forums of smilies too! Thoughts and comments?