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I'm having the same issue....

I uploaded the changed files from 1.2.22 to 1.2.23, and looked for the script update file.... but it was just the old one.

Since I haven't run that update file, the admin screen still reports that I'm running 1.2.22 and that an update is available.

Any fix for this?

This seems like a very handy plugin, but the download link doesn't work for me....

Is this plugin still available?

hcgtv wrote:

The few times I hit enter and I see a spelling error or something, then yes I have to edit it in two places. But I've gotten used to it and it's a rather easy process for me at this point.

Yep, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

When posts get an update that includes html, though, it becomes even more fun to update the linked punbb post.

It's just a minor little quibble, to be sure. But man, I would LOVE to have some way for an edited post to feed right back into punbb the same way a new post does!

I've been using for PunBB with a Nucleus blog here for quite a while, and am really pleased with the results.

However, there is one thing that would make life a whole bunch better....

We sometimes edit posts for misspellings or typos, or sometimes add updates to post.

That process requires that we post the update in Nucleus AND go into PunBB to post the update.

It SURE would be great if there were some plugin option available in the Nucleus editing screen to feed any changes back into the PunBB forum post....