I think it might be changing the code, if I'm not wrong you can find it on parser.php

I've already change the style of the news for my self by putting all news together into one Inbox and view only the 80 characters of the news. My purpose is to save space so it won't get to bigger at the page.

Try to take a look at my site. If you like I can share it with you.

uppss... I must missed it... big_smile

Yeeah... probably that's the main problem, but on IE and Firefox works fine...

mmhh... but it works on me, now I will give you a hint how to solve this. I hope can be usefull smile

The big difference between ChatBox 1.0 and 1.0.1 to make it works with Easy BBCode is at textbox name and type

at 1.0 line 116

<input type="text" name="message"......

and at 1.0.1 line 122

<textarea name="req_message"......

You can look that the name for 1.0.1 is req_message, that's are not coincidence.

Now take a look at mod_easy_bbcode.php line 8, it should be same.

$bbcode_field = 'req_message';

Other dependecies is at line 6

$bbcode_form = 'post';

which is at Chatbox <form method="post"....

Now try to solve it by yourself, because I have a know idea what have you done with ur code.
Just let me know the progress.... good luck.... wink

Have you installed Easy BBCode correctly?

look at line 121

<?php require PUN_ROOT.'mod_easy_bbcode.php'; ?>

It has to be pointed to the correct file name

If someone has install Easy BBCode 1.0.1 by Rickard Andersson, you can use ChatBox 1.0.1

(Btw this is my first mod of Pokemon_JOJO mod, I'm newbie in php so suggestion and comments are very2 welcome)

wooff... this mod at first looks complicated, but I've success on trying it.
It takes all of my energy while apply it and understands the doc (the biggest I've seen on mod) big_smile

Good works Frank.. smile

Rod your problem doesn't make sense for me, It should be easy. I've already take a look at your page before, but I didn't see any problem on it.
One think I'm sure is page that I saw isn't chatbox.php it must be another file that you get wrong upload or anything else. Try to download again at punres or at my site...

mmmhhhh.... this topic becomes HOT.. I'm outa off here.. big_smile

Take a look at line 12-13 of chatbox.php. If you want guest can access the chatbox, add // in front of it.

Re-uploading, download again. Upgrade: just replace chatbox.php

- Problem with refresh button
- Cleaning-up code

Thanks... big_smile All I have done is just make a little modification to your mod so that it can integrated with my forums and offcourse works with the newest PunBB versions smile But the rest is your works... good job to you too smile

Yeaahh... it might be great if you releasing it as mod... I can't wait... big_smile

cows wrote:


lol... I don't know about your problem, but for me this mod doesn't make pain in my ass big_smile

Yess... this is what I realy want it smile I've already upgrade and everything works perfectly. Thanks dude..

Mediator wrote:

Ability to prevent certain user groups from creating new polls - requested by Connorhd (POSTPONED).

I've already take a look at Admin Plugin but there is no options that let me do that. In where you adding it?

##        Mod title:  ChatBox (Multi)
##      Mod version   :  1.0
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.*
##     Release date   :  2005-04-11
##           Author      :  Aryo Sandiyudo - whiteh0rs3 (whiteh0rs3@yahoo.com)
##      Description:  Add a very simple chatbox in punbb
##                         Support Multi Languages
##                         Support Multi Skins
##                         Easy Setup
##   Affected files:  none
##       Affects DB:  No
##            Notes:  This mod was originally based on ChatBox 1.0 by pokemon_JOJO
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that "mods" are not officially supported by
##                    PunBB. Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.


- Punres
- LangIT Forums + Demo


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lol... I wonder whose rabbit has been force for doing that... hehehe.....

oohh.. I get it now, so that's why I can't use this mod.. Actually there's no problem with this mod right now.

For others who want to use this mod maybe you might need to modify
$forum_id line 11 and $template_path at line 17 with your own path. After all it works fine at me.

But I'm not gonna use this because I'm still confuse what does this mod do? I mean is this usefull?

Please explain it to us.. thanks before..


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After updating manually using hdiff from 1.2.4, I got trouble while logout(load index.php) after singing in as Admin. I got message said that can't write cache config blah..blah.., I forgot about it.

I fix it by deleting all the cache then replace parser.php with the old one(before updating). Don't know why this happen, after all it works great...

You haven't finish this mod, aren't you? it doesn't work on me


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I don't know do I have access for ssh or not, I'm a newbie in building a site. But I think I don't have it coz all the service I use in here is all free. I'm just trying to learn how to install a site at real server. PunBB i my choice coz it's easy too understand, quick install, and offcourse free too smile


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OK.. I have to email the service then, thanks anyway for the feedback Rickard.


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I don't include my hosting with mail service, so I use free service from hotpop.com
Before this error came up all mail sending had working greatly including Registration notification.

I don't know why this become error, I notice this when someone try to registered but they don't receive the random password email. I don't know either is this problem cause by PunBB or the mail service.

What do you think Rickard? is there any possible bugs that I don't know cause I've already upgrading to 1.2.4  manually (using diff)


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No one can help??