I really have NO idea... I'm in no way a programmer. It hasn't really affected anyone else on the same forum as far as we know, and it's kinda random. Sometimes it lets me log in, sometimes not. Right now, it isn't. You could probably ask the admin that, I'm pretty sure he has/had an account on this board, it's probably HMEternity.

Thank you again, I know I'm not that helpful in describing the problem.




They're different parts of the same site. I have the same trouble with both, and if I can't get into one, I can't get into the other either. I think I am also the only one at the site suffering from this problem.

Tried that (clearing cookies), its never worked... I dunno, for some reason I can always log in HERE fine, but not the aforementioned site.

Ooookay, lemme rephrase that.

I have the same problem as AlexeyZ's first problem mentioned, except I'm a user at a different site and not an admin.

I type in my user name and password. Correctly.

It says "Logged in successfully, redirecting"

And when it redirects, my name shows up in the list of "logged in users", but I get "You are not logged in" at the top, and I am incapable of posting. It only happens most of the time, mostly on my home computer.

Ditto. I put my name and password into Harvest Moon Eternity, and my username appears logged in at the bottom, but the top says "you are not logged in", and I can't do anything.