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Hi all.
I have added a new style on the collector for your nice Forum PunBB, this style is called "IMac"
You can view and download this in here.
Have fun.


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Rich wrote:

I have that problem with all your styles with the banner image. It works fine if you just add text, but if you place a image in "Board description", the image will go down and cover all the buttons below.

Just ask if you need more info to help.

You can added this in the style and set your text position

.pun #brdtitle p{
top: 20px; /*with this you set the top postion */
left: 6px; /* set the position left */

just look on this if that help


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Need more info for help what style name is you have problem or remove banner?


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Rich wrote:

klacksa, nice skin. But, i can't use the logo i have on my forum (i have the logo in the board description). The logo goes down and cover the buttons. Do you know how to fix this?

yes you look in your style_cs.css on .pun #brdheader H1 {}  and/or  .pun #brdheader H1 SPAN {}


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Rickard wrote:

Nice job!

Thank's Rickard.

An other style was now available, is called Evasion (green style).

Click here for last add style on the demo forum wink


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Thank's Dr but im not good as you smile
I love your GR site and i hope you made a beautifull one for GRAW tongue

GR Rulez!


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You are allowed to remove for integration in a full existing site is ok no problem i only like the dude let's this for forum use only
Is just a respect mark of my contribut work for the community wink


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Hi all just release a new style for you
Preview and download here
Have fun wink


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i have the color for in my forum but runing in 1.2.5 look is cool

lol sorry is again me just a small bug when i restore the db backup
the size of administrator is completly elarge lol
What is this ? :S
have u idea to fix this ?

lol i have fixed the problem for me with just replace the div when return the resulte of backup

i add the div  with this ->   <div class="postmsg">

    <div class="block">
        <h2><span>Debug info</span></h2>
        <div class="box">
            <div class="inbox">
                <div class="postmsg">
        $sql_count = count($pieces);
        for($i = 0; $i < $sql_count; $i++)
            $sql = trim($pieces[$i]);
                    echo "Executing: $sql\n<br>";
                $result = $db->query($sql);
                    message('Error imported backup file, the database probably has not been restored');

is ok now bye bye wink

if no return error
is cool

Connorhd wrote:

sorry i don't understand what you mean hmm

Protected backup

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `forum_groups`;
CREATE TABLE `forum_groups` (
  `g_id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
  `g_title` varchar(50) NOT NULL default '',
  `g_user_title` varchar(50) default NULL,

INSERT INTO `forum_groups` (`g_id`, `g_title`, `g_user_title`, `g_read_board`, `g_post_replies`, `g_post_topics`, `g_post_polls`, `g_edit_posts`, `g_delete_posts`, `g_delete_topics`, `g_set_title`, `g_search`, `g_search_users`, `g_edit_subjects_interval`, `g_post_flood`, `g_search_flood`) VALUES .....

`forum_groups` `g_id`, `g_title`, ext....

Your db backup

DROP TABLE IF EXISTS forum_groups;
CREATE TABLE forum_groups(
    g_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
    g_title varchar(50) NOT NULL,
    g_user_title varchar(50),
INSERT INTO forum_groups (g_id, g_title, g_user_title, g_read_board, g_post_replies, g_post_topics, g_post_polls, g_edit_posts, g_delete_posts, g_delete_topics, g_set_title, g_search, g_search_users, g_edit_subjects_interval, g_post_flood, g_search_flood) VALUES.....

that thing prevent the restore table error.


Verry nice Plugin Connorhd
Working fine for me on free.fr host.

Just a question:
can you added a protected : (Enclose table and field names with backquotes) ?
or is not required ?

Thank again for this good plug.

oh i finaly real sh..

Ok all done and fine work you are the best smile
thank you Connorhd


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Romuald wrote:

Something like :
<a href="closed_topic_id" class="closed">Closed_Topic_Name</a>

With a style like :
.closed {text-decoration: line-through}

By default, the closed topic are not show as closed.

Got it from: imports/stylename_cs.css    at bottom

TR.iclosed DIV.icon {

All is ok now thank's again Connorhd smile

oOh im realy bad lol ok this is the best way im looking for and re-write all that again :'(
Thank's verry mutch Connorhd .


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Hi all
after to many visits of forum made by Rickard and used by people

is just sad to see lot of bad dudes is deleting the © Copyright foot line !
This is anormal thing !

"Powered by baddudename"
"© Copyright 2002?2005 baddudename"

You people making that are realy...  yikes
no more comment!

I'm not in this devlopement forum or and contribut but i say this is anormal thing!

ok i undestand smile
and is true...

Just a question for Rickard why u can't added code for icon display for post, new post, locked ex...
This is more cool no?
i have modified this all file for me but with all this update and fix if all make personnal style with icon and need to rewhite all file is sad

(just a question smile )

thank you all ok i look for this no repeat cool im happy u all like it wink

hehehe the correct thing are -> " background-repeat: repeat-y; "

now is good thx Rod

hoo no sorry is only a pub man is not my site logo
but ok i swith it smile

i go to photoshop now and create one similar  hihi..

Hi i just post link you view my Punbb style release smile
look cool no?

look here : http://oldscope.free.fr/forum/index.php