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thanks wink

looks nice wink like the color combos & the logo.

The way I see it...

IMO, if it puts a smile on yer face? its worth doin' wink

I've never fired a .50 yet, but I giggle like a little kid everytime I uncork a 3.5mag outta my turkey gun lol

Whats really fun, is sneaking in a 3.5mag after 2 target loads on a buddy big_smile
pump, bang... pump, bang... pump, BOOOOOOM! lol

@pogenwurst: yeah, Terrible Ted wink


Nice site, I'm a tard too smile

I used to post a bit at Nugent's bb years ago.

Need to get me a .50bmg before they outlaw'em lol



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Not at all, if it was a mod. smile

Going to go back thru this project soon, too much time invested to just let it go.
I'll see what code I can separate from it? Been sitting for 6mos, kinda foggy on all the changes now. sad
I had planned on releasing a new layout/css for pun, it still needs to be gone over once more though too.

With the new all-star crew working on 1.3 now, would probably be better to work on something for 1.3?

Has a cool SEO bot too, Slurp auto-parses the post, sends back keywords which are inserted to various places upon posting a new thread.
Really like to see that in 1.3 wink



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Hey all, been awhile since I've been around here. smile

I got sidetracked on this project (damn feds lol) but thought it was worth posting.
It still needs gone over one more time & a few easy fixes, but shows what I've been visualizing for pun for a long time.
Basically... less is more!

I'd like to do something similar for 1.3 when shes ready?

Its all xhtml 1.1 & list based, clean urls, rss feeds etc. etc.

As close to my dream forum as I've ever come up with wink



Thanks a bunch Reines wink

Hey all smile

I'm trying to edit the login link in the regitration email & can't find it anywhere? Does anyone know which file it is in? I just need to change it from login.php to login.html

I'd like the redirect after logging in to go to my forum root folder too.
ie. /forum instead of /forum/index.php

Many thanx smile
I've looked thru a bunch of files & searched here too with no luck.

better safe than sorry smile

Haven't had it installed before & figured it was worth asking.


you see any problems with this & 1.2.12?


Anyone tried this on 1.2.11?

Thanks smile


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me three smile


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Been playing with Skype myself lately, haven't done much with G yet.

I just installed Skype on my PocketPC too and ordered a bluetooth earbud for it, should make a cool little VoIP phone.
supposed to arrive today I think?

New toys! smile


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lol, OK smile

I'm doing a total re-skin for one, so markup/css wouldn't matter for that one.
Was your remark markup/css related or core?

Thanks Paul


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Whats the current 1.3 from subversion looking like? still can't figure out how to download from that damn thing lol

Is it usable?

Sure don't mean to bug ya smile  but a couple of us have an integration extension planned & am really anxious to get going on that. Still have a couple other projects waiting too.

Thanks a bunch

I'd go for one of those wink


Should be in the default tpl wink


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Thanks Rickard wink

Whos forum is that?
I'm interested in some advertising possibly, as well as a tip on the clean URLs.

Wow, sub-20min support reply, you rock! smile


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1.3 is looking sweet! wink

For now...anyway to get clean URL's going in 1.2.10?
I have 1 project that can't, I'm waiting it out on some others though smile



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Cool, just signed up wink


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cool, good timing! wink

I just picked up this old dusty project the other day.

no 1.3 was a brick wall sad I decided its Pun or nuthin' tongue



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All of mine are xhtml1.0strict & never change?

would be much more useful for stylesheets IMO.


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Ditto, WTF is that about?

what a clueless wanker lol