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carolle wrote:

I try to install pun_attachment v1.0.5, but I got the message : This extension is not compatible with your PunBB version.

Where could I got the right extension for my 1.4.2 version?

Here is a list of extensions for download latest version : http://punbb.informer.com/extensions/


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I have a problem with images and zip files now!!!!
images don't display, and zip files download as a corrupted file!
and when i once download a file, the download counter count it 4 time.(i test it for zip files)
i don't know where is the problem?!
you can see this problem at: http://ask.daskhat.ir/topic/47/view/

Thank for any help, and sorry for my English.


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unfortunately i can't find server logs in Cpanel!!
where is it? how can i check it?
i use share host with Cpanel.

thank you.


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I install "pun_attachment" successful, but when i upload image files (jpeg, png,...), do not work. no any preview and can't download the images.
Other files work excellent.
what is wrong? what should i do?
you can see this problem here: http://ask.daskhat.ir/misc.php?action=p … mp;preview
thank you.

i found the syntax highlighter that used by this forum,
it's Fancy Prettify.


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download link is broken!  sad  404 error!


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Nod32 Antivirus

dimkalinux wrote:

Just use hooks in function format_time

i write my first extension for PunBB. big_smile
this extension convert all forum date to jalali date.


can any one check my extension and let me know do i have a right programing or no?

very thank, dimkalinux
i changed all date to "jalali" by adding this code:

require_once('jalali.php'); (on top of "function.php" file)

(jalali.php for download - http://vant.ir/jalali.php.zip )
and change all "gmdate" in format_time function to "jdate"

is that right?
if yes, how can i make an extension for this change?!

thank you again. smile

how can i show all date in forum to jalali date (Persian date- or say shamsi)
what function i should be change it?
can i write extension for it?


javadth wrote:

yes yes yes yes   mad  mad  mad  mad  mad  mad  mad  mad

Why you're angry?

this is step by step way to change your punbb language:

1. copy all files from "root/lang/English" to "root/lang/Farsi"
2. translate all files under "Farsi" directory.
3. go to PunBB administration-> setting -> setup, and change default language to "farsi"
  now your PunBB default language is "Farsi" but your profile language still English yet.
4. go to PunBB Profile -> setting, and change your profile language to "Farsi"
  now your site completely is "Farsi", TRUE?

please be patient, and completely describe your question.    wink

No idea?

Are the words separated with the space character in your language?

yes, the words separated with the space character.

Please, take a look at this topic: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … n-english/ I assume in your case the issue is the same.

my search result, in Persian language, works well .

in my language normal censoring not work, and all censored word effect like wildcard censoring mode. 

for example :
effect of, some and *some* is same, and both is wildcard censoring.
what can i do?

excuse me for my bad English  sad