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Can be find at:

The main page is:

It now contains more than 600 free piano sheets!


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I has find a Danish website with the same princip as the MillionDollarHomepage:

The site has over 400 visitors per day, even though it startet from 8 days ago. A lot of the visitors somes from USA.
But i think it would be a better idea to buy GOOGLE adsenses smile

When i run the install mod, ther comes a blank page...

Cool mod, even though i haven't try it yet.
But i would like a shop, were users can spend there money. I should, as administrator, have the abillity to add things to the shop. And when users have buy an item, they can sell their items again if they would like to.
Is the possible?


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The page dosen't work... sad


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OOPS big_smile


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Here is what i would like to my punbb forum:
A Link sektion where users and guests has the ability to add or remove a link.
I would also like some different categories for my links smile


Hi everybody smile

I see there has been made a sub forum mod.
Could it be possible to make a sub gallery mod?


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Will it affeckt the mods if i replace the funcktions.php file?
I have installed:
Easy poll
Collapse categories
Users online today


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Its the funtions.php file that makes all the problems. I change it to the old one, and suddenly all things works again.
Then i pot the new one back (that shouldent work), but now it sees work to.



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Here is what i get:

To se the picture in the original size, copy it and put it into for example "Paint".


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Hmm... The problem is not index.php file.
It must be another file hmm


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Visit timeout is 600 sek and Online timeout is 400 sek.
But now it sais that there is 32 guests online - that has nothing to do whit the visit and online timeout...


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When i se my forum, it sais that there is 16 users online and 23 guests online.
Its unrealistic, caurse the normal is 1 or 2 users online and 2 guest or something like that.

Can someone tell me what the problem is?
It all started after i installed version 1.2.7.


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I would like a counter for my punbb forum.
Is that possible to make?

Maybe you could do it so that the counter is placed under the "Guests online:" field.
I would like statestics for:
Visitors today: xx
Total visitors: xxxx

What du you mean by saying "reputation points"?
What is it?

When i run the points mod i get the following error:
I get this error when i go into my profile, and when i got into the store.
Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /var/www/disneyzonen.dk/public_html/forum/store.php on line 2

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING in /var/www/disneyzonen.dk/public_html/forum/store.php on line 2

I get no points when I write a post.
And why cant i see a users point in poll-treads?
Maybe we are running a different version of PHP... (?)

Can anyone help me? tongue

Can't wait wink

I think that it's stupid that a user can change another users titel.
So maby you could eksplain how to remove that part smile

Your point system looks awsome.
Do you make it as a mod soon?
(can't wait..)

I would like
5 points for a post
20 points for a new tread
10 points for a sticky tread (per day)
10 points for an image in the gallery
10 points for an invitation

Is this possible?
Could you do it so that you also get points for the posts you have made before you installed the "money-mod"?


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Does the Colored Usernames mod works for 1.2.6?


Now i want to make a future, so that you can sort users by last visit.
What do i have to change then?

Thanks a lot! smile