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hcgtv wrote:

I like the spinning indicator, very nicely done.

I second that. Very nice indeed.

I have the latest. Hmm..=/

Hmm, you should let pjirc know about punBB - they use....phpBB :S

What Java have you written it for?

No, that doesnt work for me either =/

All I seem to get is a nice big red X. Java throws a bunch of null pointer exceptions. What did you have to fix Crissipos?


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There don't seem to be any classes or ID's assigned to the table. Do you have any of the table elements define as a child of inbox or box?


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Glad I could help. smile

Sorry, the *'s were an action. tongue


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Try taking the margin-right out of #main .

Interesting modifcation. *downloads*


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Just a thought about the empty <a> - If you set the cursor to default, people will be less likely to actually click the text, no?


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lol, okay thanks guys. Never looked there...


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Maybe it is just me, but I couldn't find a previous post about this here. Please excuse me if this has been done already and I should schedule an eye doctor appointment! tongue

I notice the [New Posts] when you view a forum, and I am assuming that uses an # anchor to move the browser down to the most recent post. I was wondering if it would be possible to have an optional link generated where it says #1, #2 etc on the top right of each post. That way people can share links to specific posts. Just a thought..


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Good solution Gizzmo wink

Yes, a cPanel transfer should bring everything over. Otherwise, you could backup the punBB files and then database and just put them up on the new host.


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Maybe his email sent it to a spam/junk folder?

ultime wrote:
mantasman wrote:

hi, could anyone make "money" mod for punBB 1.2.5?
this mod should do something like:
1. then user post, he get some points/EUR/USD for it. e.g. 0.1 per word + 5 per post.
2. user could give these points to another user.
3. I (admin) could minus some points
or just something like(only main features need, no loteries etc.: http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=94055

sorry for bad english

This could be extremelly fun, maybe I would be able to do something like this, I'll see what I can do..

Would you be interested in working on this together?