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I've done Search Engine Optimization professionally. PunBB is pretty friendly with Google.

For example, on this page, key words are covered in three main locations...

  • Title

  • URL

  • H1 tag

If you try a Google Search...
This page comes up as #1.

There are other factors that determine page rank. PunBB is Google friendly, but that alone may not get you top listing. If this is a huge concern to you, maybe you might want to check out Google's Webmaster tools...


Heh... or you could just pay an SEO consultant a crazy amount of money  smile


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Paul wrote:

How on earth would you know, can you see whats on my computer or Rickards?

...one operating system
...couple of game demos
...few web programs
...a picture of someone's cat
...some antivirus/security software

Eh, something like that! big_smile

It's obvious that this is a difficult project! Anyone with common sense can see that. Heh, just to create a single template for the main photics.com site, I had to spend a lot of time to make Firefox and IE play nice. Oh sure, I know it sucks to wait for 1.3, but these things are hard to do.

Paul, don't worry about one poster.

I'm waiting for 1.3 as I know that will eventually bring the RPG Mod and a whole lot of new stuff. It's going to be good... so I know the waiting can be tough. It's tough on everyone around.

It doesn't seem like anyone here is interested. But just incase...

The contest has been expanded to include JavaScript, Java Applets and Shockwave...
http://photics.com/2006/02/09/guild-war … -expanded/


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Rickard wrote:

However, to get the 1.3 development source, you shouldn't grab it from trunk, but from http://punbb.org/svn/punbb/branches/punbb-1.3-dev/

I'm confused... is that 1.3?

Has it been here the whole time? lol

I'm throwing a Flash Game design competition at my website. If you think you can make a great Single-Player Flash Game, with a unique Guild Wars theme, then this is the link you'll want to see...

http://photics.com/2006/02/01/photics-g … -issue-26/

Heh... I had to do something while waiting for the punBB RPG MOD lol

Even if you don't want to enter the competition, you might enjoy the free web game that I made... Gwen's Quest.

Notch wrote:

You just went from secure to massively UNSECURE... roll

My problem with phpBB.... IT'S SLLLOOOOOOOWWWWWW!

Comparing phpBB to punBB is like comparing a Marathon runner to a FORD MUSTANG!

Aye, waiting for 1.3 is kinda screwing things up... as I'm looking forward to the RPG Mod. Last I heard, that was on-hold until 1.3 is out. Yet... so what?! I can wait. HA HA.

punBB > phpBB


It sounds like you need to read this thread...

ConnorHD said he was offering $30 for an Arcade Mod...

More Mods

Arcade Mod - $30

This is a mod that allows users to play flash games and gives out awards, keeps highscore tables etc. I'm leaving it pretty open ended as i don't have any specific ideas for it. But basically it needs to use the games from another arcade mod for phpbb, IPB, vbulletin as long as the games are free to download. If not then i guess the games will need to be made to work with this.

If you want to make this Please contact me before doing it

The link you posted didn't work for me...
...and I already have an Arcade System...

But other than that... I like this thread. Could an Arcade Mod be hitting punBB soon?! big_smile

Wednesday at the "Big Calendar" page is spelled "Wednsday". Here's how I fixed it...

Line 886 (Calendar.php)

                <th><?echo $lang_calendar['Wednesday']?></th>

Line 24 Language File (Calendar.php)

'Wednesday' => 'Wednesday',
StevenBullen wrote:

lol... at least the code works... smile

This is not meant to poke fun at Calendar Mod... as my understanding of PHP is not good enough for MOD writing. I thought I'd mention it, as it makes Calendar Mod even better! smile

One of the visitors to my site decided to point out a typo on the calendar...

Sure enough, there were problems with with the words "Happening", "Selected" & "Navigation".

I basically dropped the language file through spell check. Here are my suggestions...

Line 65

'No_Bday'  => 'There are no Birthdays listed for this day',

Line 70

'No_Events' => 'There are no events listed for this day',

Line 94

'date_error'  => 'The day that you selected is not in the month that you selected.',


If you want to be really picky...

Line 77

// Nav links for navigation


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- "Fancy URLs" (via mod_rewrite)

Mmmmm... fancy URLs. lol

This is my favorite feature big_smile


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snapsolutions wrote:

Not that I am demanding or pushing anything, but I am just curious ? any print screens of 1.3 or is it a total suprise? smile

Wasn't there a video or something, which showed one of the new features in 1.3?

1.3 should be awesome! big_smile

Frank H wrote:

Sounds like a bad way of spending those few days off one gets per year ... instead, go ski or something with those, and relax ...

Well that's just my opinion, as I can wait

It depends on what you like to do. I know I'd rather go work on my website than Ski.


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I just put it in the Announcement section... which I turned into the Advertisement section.


Heh... and I just got done reading your post in the other thread. lol

Someone asked if 1.3 would be released before New Years, since it wasn't released before Christmas.
Heh... you said more like before Easter. lol

That's good to know... but what about the other mods?

Are people still working on any of these projects? hmm


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StevenBullen wrote:

Sorry to be a pain... but fancy putting a time scale on 1.3? Just curious because been holding back on a project as would like to use 1.3.

My concern is about Mod writers. Because 1.3 is going to be such a significant change, I can see why mod writers wouldn't want to create new mods right now. They would likely have to be rewritten for 1.3... no?

Gizzmo wrote:

look at post #38. that has a link that works. and the mod is the third post down.

Hey... that's my post! big_smile
...and that's my site! big_smile

Go me! lol

masey wrote:

Does this plugin place an ad as the second post on only the first page of posts or as the second post on ALL successive pages as well?

It's on all the pages...


You try reading this thread...


...or this thread...


Final Update...

Line 535 of the html.php

        $html = html_secedit($html);

I removed the second edit buttons. They're not really needed and they were screwing up the formatting.

For those of you keeping score...

I've managed to narrow it down to a stylesheet problem... I think big_smile

Line 379 of the html.php

    <div class="page">

I changed "page" to "bar"... and the disappearing text went away. Heh, then all sorts of screwy problems happened in Firefox. The next step is to find where the page is calling the styles. It's like looking for a spoon, in someone else's house.

Jansson wrote:

I can't make it disappear.

UPDATE: I believe it only happens when you are logged in... and viewing a wiki page. I'm scanning the code, trying to find something that is different between when you are logged in and when you are not.

I tried deleting lines 420-424 of wiki/inc/html.php file...

        print '<div class="user">';
        print $lang['loggedinas'].': '.$_SERVER['REMOTE_USER'];
        print '</div>';

...but that didn't do anything tongue

Heh... so I put it back lol

I notice that you're in Sweden. Maybe this has something to do with the text encoding features?

For example, this site is displayed in Western European (ISO)... but the Wiki pages show up in Unicode (UTF-8).

I tried viewing the page in different encoding, but the problem still appeared for me. Here's what's interesting though... I cannot view the page source on the Wiki pages. When I changed the Encoding to Western European (ISO) I was then able to view the source.

Jansson wrote:

I can't make it disappear.

what browser are you using?

Anyone else having problem with mysteriously disappearing text with IE and punDokuWiki?

Check it out...
http://forum.photics.com/guildwars.php? … mies-index

Sometimes the text appears, sometimes it doesn't. If you highlight the text, it will appear. What do you suppose would cause something like that?

I'm also wondering... should I even be working with this software? What happened when punBB 1.3 is released?
Will the mod stop working? yikes