With punBB 1.3 on the way... I think that might have hurt project motivation - at least in the short run. Why work very hard to make a script that could be rendered obsolete with one randomly scheduled update?

Did this project die? hmm

Connorhd wrote:

Mediator, theres a shop and rpg mod that need making for $80 thats more than your gonna get from these guys tongue

This thread confuses me.

Does Mediator not know about Connorhd's cash for mods project? hmm

This shop mod... are all the items virtual?

Oh... and is anyone working on any of the mods right now?

Gary13579 wrote:

What version of PunBB are you running?
I don't see anything in that code that would cause this error.

Well... it works now. I'm not sure why it happened.

I deleted my old profile.php... and I worked from the cashmod.zip text file. The install worked perfectly this time around.

I think I'll give myself 50,000 gold. lol

downliner wrote:

I can see the point of a cash mod and a shop mod sounds great but can someone explain in a little more detail what the RPG mod will be? Since it is related to this cash mod I thought I'd ask here. I know RPG stands for role playing game but what kind of rpg can be played on a message board?

Are you kidding? RPG systems are awesome... especially if you run a video game based website. At Photics.com, I've been running punBB for a while now. I only have 400 users. Yet, there are thousands of players of my RPG game Guild Wars: rogueBATTLE. Currently it's at 2753.


The referral system in rogueBATTLE made it incredibily popular. Some players said they enjoyed the text based game more than Guild Wars itself. That's why I'm thinking adding an RPG Mod to punBB would dramatically increase the popularity of my forum. I'm looking forward to the Shop MOD too.

Gary13579 wrote:

Just an update. 1.0.1 has been released.
It's a small release, so it doesn't get a topic of it's own. All that was changed was the ability to edit the amount of cash/bank that a user has. In my rush to get it out, I forgot that to add it.
If you installed 1.0.0, follow the instructions below to add this function.

I tried to update the profile.php, but I got this error...

Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CASE in ../forum/profile.php on line 726

Line 726 says...

        case 'personal':
            $form = extract_elements(array('realname', 'url', 'location'));

            if ($pun_user['g_id'] == PUN_ADMIN)
                $form['title'] = trim($_POST['title']);
            else if ($pun_user['g_set_title'] == '1')
                $form['title'] = trim($_POST['title']);

                if ($form['title'] != '')
                    // A list of words that the title may not contain
                    // If the language is English, there will be some duplicates, but it's not the end of the world
                    $forbidden = array('Member', 'Moderator', 'Administrator', 'Banned', 'Guest', $lang_common['Member'], $lang_common['Moderator'], $lang_common['Administrator'], $lang_common['Banned'], $lang_common['Guest']);

                    if (in_array($form['title'], $forbidden))
                        message($lang_profile['Forbidden title']);
Mediator wrote:

Speechless what are you saying? As well I could certainly code the shop and rpg mods in less than a month

Well then... an RPG Mod for Halloween would be very nice big_smile

It's good to see there are a lot of people interested in this project now. The only thing that I think punBB lacks is game support. An RPG Mod would just about resolve that issue. So... it seems there are choices for the ones fighting for the prize.

A) Team up and split the bounty
B) Work as fast as you can, to beat your competitors

Now that the CASH MOD is done, I'm looking forward to seeing this story unfold. smile

Smartys wrote:

Cash Mod worked fine for me wink

Ha ha... well... it didn't work for many people until Gary fixed it.

[?] Cash Mod

It works now! big_smile

[?] Adsense Options
[_] Broadcast Email
[X] Cash Mod
[?] Forum cleanup
[?] PunDokuWiki

[?] - Works
[_] - Not checked yet
[X] - Doesn't work

Granted... the Cash Mod is 1.0.0, and still being worked on... but that's my current list of mods running.

Medic... MEDIC!!!

MOD DOWN... MOD DOWN!!! yikes

Update - Nope, a clean install didn't work either. hmm

I got this error...

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in
../include/functions.php on line 942

...when trying to read posts.

Soooo... I disabled "gzip" and it said "unable to fetch post".

Maybe the Cash Mod is not friendly with other mods... so I'm going to try a clean install next.


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Connorhd wrote:

clickable links are nice, but <a href="dodgysite.com">Your bank.com</a> != nice tongue

It's not like I'm going to do that to my users smile

If I do...

In a mass mailing, Mike wrote:

New Lost In Ascalon Cartoon...

They're more likely to read the article if it is clickable... and nicely formatted... with bold headline. If I just put the link there, they are less likely to cut n' paste it into a browser.


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Maybe Rickard thinks HTML email is evil, but I think it's great. big_smile

To be able to add clickable links is nice... and the current version abuses my quotes. It puts... & q u o t ; ...instead of a quote.

mail($mail_to, $mail_subject, $mail_message, 'MIME-Version: 1.0'."\r\n".'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1');

This didn't work? Why not? What makes HTML mail HTML mail?!

Soooo... I did some reading. I found this article...


What is this... Content-type: Multipart/alternative ...part?! Would that be a better content-type to use... or are you supposed to use both?

Did anyone else test the new line that Rickard posted? Also, what is this part in the line... ."\r\n". ...what is that supposed to do?

I should be sending out a mass mailing later today, as the Sorrow's Furnace expansion for Guild Wars should launch soon. Maybe I can do some testing... although confidence is low that I'll solve this problem. HA HA big_smile

Connorhd wrote:

no its not real cash, the user gets points for posting basically, the mod itself has little real use and it is for building other mods from (like the shop mod and rpg mod)

Oh... I see... so get like 10,000 and you can buy like a site T-Shirt or something? smile

A friend of mine is explaining it to me. It seems very cool smile

You're doing a great thing for the punBB community Connorhd smile

Gary13579 wrote:

I'm up to writting the cash mod, as I told you in IRC.
I'll stay up as late as I can, and should be able to get a working mod in a few days..

Wooo hooo... RPG MOD... oh wait... you said Cash mod lol

How does a cash mod work? How can you actually pay people for posting? Where does the money come from?

Sure, epinions.com pays you for writing a review... but it's like such a tiny amount smile

Would this be like the same thing? hmm

Is Rickard Andersson cool with this idea?

I'm not saying it's a bad idea... I'm just saying... is he cool with it? big_smile


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Rickard wrote:

Thing is, I do not want to have to ship these things myself.

I do a Sci-Fi book through Lulu.com, which is similar to CafePress. It's on-demand stuff... you don't do the shipping. With my Lulu book, I just upload the file... and post links to the order page on my site.

Why not write a tutorial book about punBB... a how-to Guide? There is the regular documentation, which is good... but why not compile a complete step-by-step guide for beginners...

-Must have mods
-How to modify templates
-How to manage a good forum
-How to make money through your punBB site

...or yah, you could go to CafePress... put the punBB logo on a t-shirt. Yet... I think it is rather pricey. Yet, it seems you do have a few people interested big_smile


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That's a great looking template. I haven't seen anything like that... not done with punBB... and I've looked down the list of styles at http://www.punres.org/

Of course... I run a Guild Wars website... so naturally I'll have to figure a way to top that tongue

Maybe I'll wait for 1.3 to be released first... and maybe I'll learn how to actually make a a punBB template first too  lol

It was OK, but wow... what a crazy long install. yikes

I've been trying to think of a more creative way to handle online RPGs, while still using PHP & MySQL. It seems a lot of them are based on dueling other members in the community. Now while that can be fun... I don't know... I think cooperative play is important too. But how do you do that without getting the program to balloon up?

If anything, tonights little script exploration has taught me is that there are A LOT of mods for phpBB... but that I still like punBB better. Anyway... I don't know what you're going to do Connarhd. Although, it is good to see you're thinking about it too... as that pun Doku Wiki mod you did was great work.

Heh... I don't even know what I'm going to do. I'll probably go back to working on my php text adventure for now. Yet, I'm going to be thinking about this... as I think punRPG is a great idea... but it a big BIG project. A clear design vision is needed... and I don't have that... at least not yet. I think that's what this bulletin board system needs next... games. Maybe it's because I like games that I see the importance, but it is an incredible hook.

In rogueBATTLE... there is a simplistic forum... but it is more popular than my main punBB forum, simply because it's intergrated into the game.

Is RPG+ open source?

I'm just throwing the idea out there... what if punBB had an RPG Game mod?

I added Guild Wars: rogueBATTLE to my website and it more than doubled my traffic. I imagine the same would happen for punBB's popularity... or most any punBB game forum... if there was a punRPG mod.

Now... I can't code my way out of a wet paper bag... but I do know of some coders at my website. I'm also not too bad at making graphics. I was kicking around the idea of an open source project. Instead of starting from scratch... why not just intergrate something into punBB? I think a punRPG project should have to have the same philosophy as punBB... streamlined... no bloat...

Oh... and no refreshing...

I hate web games that are constantly refreshing...


Anyway... what do you think? Should I start up a punRPG project?
Rickard Andersson... do you give the green light on this one?


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punBB is fast.
punBB has a cool community.
punBB has the cool DokuWiki mod! big_smile

Who needs polls anyway? hmm

This is a really cool modification! smile

Nice work Connorhd! big_smile

Although, I am having trouble getting it to work right. Heh... it's been an uphill battle actually. First I was having trouble with "wiki/common.php line 10:" The change fixed that problem. I was able to see the text in the buttons.

Reading is good! Ha ha! Horray! big_smile

Although, text still mysteriously disappears on the page... and for no known reason. At least reasons unknown to me.

For example... here are two Guild Wars skill listings...

Air Attunement
http://forum.photics.com/doku.php?id=sk … attunement

Blinding Flash
http://forum.photics.com/doku.php?id=sk … ding-flash

Blinding Flash doesn't display properly, but Air Attunement does. I have no idea why. They are almost identical pages. hmm

The text is there. Try to highlight the empty space. You'll see the text appear. Anyway... I'm going to keep playing around with it. I thought you might want to know about this bug. Oh... and punBB rocks! This is a great community here.