same here.. index.php was empty until i put ?> at the end of the config.php file.
i never figured out how/why..

freakerz, great chat summary on the forum mainpage -- how did you do it?

This is very strange.. been getting users complaints abt not being redirected to the forum after signing in. After login in, they will get the normal redirect msg, then a blank screen appears. No problems if I login as admin tho'.

This is driving me crazy. The only thing that i did was to update from 1.2.11 to 1.2.12 (now back to 1.2.11, still the same probems). Any suggestions?

this is solved. probably some empty spaces in parser.php

I manually did the changes to update to 1.2.12 -- everything went well until i click on the topic... this page appears:

Even when i backtracked and changed everything to previous i.e. 1.2.11; i couldnt get the messages to appear!!

i have enabled debug, but no error msgs, just the posts are not displayed. It is not displaying messages, profiles, post new msgs and replying to posts which are actually the whole stuffs :-(



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Try search for email digest. i am using this, it requires cron jobs though.

I am using freshmail ( that enables me to automatically signup my punBB forum users to get pop3 email from cpanel.
I want to be able to use the forum username as their email name when registering instead of the current default where user can select any email username (and my cpanel email would explode if one user can register 1000x).

This is my attempt:
In the email registration file, I am calling PUN.ROOT from another the mail subdomain i.e. and the forum is located at, like this:

    define('PUN_ROOT', '/home/bamboo/public_html/forum/');
    require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';

and try to echo the $pun_user['username'] as the email registration name; but now this attempt always give me "Guests" and not the forum user logged in username.

What am I doing wrong?

Is this feature already available? When composing a post (new or a reply post), user has the ability to save the message as draft, and the user can continue composing the msg at any time later.

"Unfortunately no one can be told what PunBB is - you have to see it for yourself"

connorhd: any tricks to grab the news from more than one forum?

great work on the recent posts table for the mainpage. Can you share the detailed codes for that?


under calendar/header.php at navigation function, i add thist o get rid of the "next day" showing 2006 as yr during the month of dec 2005.
changed to:

<a href=calendar.php?view=<?echo$type?>&date=<?if($month == 12 and $day == 31){echo $year+1;}else{echo$year;}?>.<?if($day == $day_in_mth){if($month==12){echo'1';}else{echo $month+1;}}else{echo $month;}?>.<?if($day == $day_in_mth){echo '1';}else{echo $day+1;}?>><?echo$lang_calendar['Next Day']?></a><br />


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Guys -- i was asking if the code would work, obviously not at all. just a thought: since google bot comes from an ip, can we check the IP and use this somehow to detect googlebot presence? i dont know how though.

when a user visit the page, the set_default_user() in function.php is called. can we put some code like this within that to update the online users lists?

    $googlespiders = array("Froogle", "Googlebot");
    foreach($googlespiders as $onlinebot) {
      if(ereg($onlinebot, $HTTP_USER_AGENT)) {
          if ($onlinebot == "Googlebot") {
            if (substr($REMOTE_HOST, 0, 11) == "209.185.253.") $onlinebot = "Googlebot Deep Crawl";
            elseif (substr($REMOTE_HOST, 0,7) == "64.209.") $onlinebot = "Google Crawler";
// then try to insert to database
            mysql_query ("INSERT INTO bots (name) VALUES ('$onlinebot')");

ps: i'm not a php coder. just an idea.


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how abt this in in index.php

    if ($num_users > 0) {
        if(strstr(strtolower($HTTP_USER_AGENT), "googlebot")){ echo "\t\t\t".'<dl id="onlinelist" class= "clearb">'."\n\t\t\t\t".'<dt><strong>'.$lang_index['Online'].': </strong></dt>'."\t\t\t\t".implode(',</dd> ', $users).' GoogleBot</dd>'."\n\t\t\t".'</dl>'."\n";}
        else { echo "\t\t\t".'<dl id="onlinelist" class= "clearb">'."\n\t\t\t\t".'<dt><strong>'.$lang_index['Online'].': </strong></dt>'."\t\t\t\t".implode(',</dd> ', $users).'</dd>'."\n\t\t\t".'</dl>'."\n";}
        echo "\t\t\t".'<div class="clearer"></div>'."\n";

tobi -- how to get this invitation mod to auto import email address from my yahoo and hotmail, and do multiple invitations?
:-) lots of coding?

I found a solution! Feel so proud of myself hahaha.

This is how i do it in case some1 is interested:

a) create all the images (same height and width, any names) and put them in /img/headers/

b) Create this php file (random_image.php) and put in in my /style/ directory

header('Content-type: text/css');
$dir=opendir("/data/4/0/51/132/214947/user/218384/htdocs/kadus/img/headers/"); // actual path of the images to select
die("Failed to read directory");
if(ereg($pattern, $s))

// make random number 


.pun #brdtitle h1 span{

/* remove slash and* for hidden title
font-size: 0;
text-indent: -1000px;

/* use this if the title is not hidden */
padding-top: 40px;
padding-left: 5px;
color: #FFF;
/*    */

height: 160px;
/* change the height above to fit your actual header img height */

background-image: url(<?="http://your forum.coc/img/headers/".$image[$randNum]; ?>);
background-position: 50% 0;
background-repeat: no-repeat;

margin-left: -5px;
margin-right: -5px;
margin-bottom: -43px;

In this case, I am using Blue_Lagon.cs. The style above are taken from the blue_lagon_cs.css in the /style/imports/ folder. Therefore, the original entry for the above in the blue_lagon_cs.css should be deleted.

c) open /style/blue_lagon.css and add this somewhere around the top, below the other @import statements

@import url(random_image.php);

Thats's it! The same can be applied to all the other stylesheets that you are using.

unless i can make a separate <style> being echoed by php in header.php

$file = "all my randon images.txt";
$fp = file($file);
$random_image = $fp[array_rand($fp)];
echo "<style>#brdtitle {background: url(";
echo $random_image;
echo ") no-repeat; height:60px}</style>";

and remove the #brdtitle ref in the css file.. 
will try..

Gizzmo: How to make the header image changed randomly in the same style?
Can I make something like this?

#brdtitle {background: url(<?php get_random_header_img_name(); ?>) no-repeat; height:60px}

this is probably not strictly punbb related, but did any1 ever try to make random header images? i'm trying to use this javascript to call for random image to be inserted in the header but cant figure out how to do this to be inserted to the css.

.. unles this can be inserted by the server i.e. using php?

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="Javascript">

function image() {};

image = new image();
number = 0;

// imageArray
image[number++] = "<img src='../../images/furniture_banner.jpg' border='0'>"
image[number++] = "<img src='../../images/crafts_banner.jpg' border='0'>"
image[number++] = "<img src='../../images/custom_banner.jpg' border='0'>"
image[number++] = "<img src='../../images/gifts_banner.jpg' border='0'>"
// Additional immages can be added here

increment = Math.floor(Math.random() * number);



Is it possible to disable displaying emoticons or pictures within [ quote ] ??

Frank H wrote:
af3 wrote:

frank -- this will give a message to tell the poster abt the invalid size, etension etc but did not prevent creation of a topic (with ghost post link, something like .. viewtopic.php?pid=0#p0). Do you have any suggestion to fix this?

Not without adding a bunch of code ... I thought about it a bit, and never figured out a good way to fix it ...

if i can delete from database the created ghost topic automatically, then this should be fine :-) any way to insert mysql command in the attachment script if the upload size is excessive or ext. not allowed?

af3 wrote:

for now i am using this which prevented the ghost link.

message($lang_attach['Error Message'],1);

err did not work.

frank -- this will give a message to tell the poster abt the invalid size, etension etc but did not prevent creation of a topic (with ghost post link, something like .. viewtopic.php?pid=0#p0). Do you have any suggestion to fix this?

hmm.. how about a mod that popup a notification message to all online users when a user login (something like YM) ?
Impossible without installing some form of software on users machine / or java ? ext for firefox?

Thanks neotall.. this fixes the last forum on parent id!

how abt fix for the last post in the parent forum?