yes! this is solved -- my forum id was wrong :-) duh duh

I added below to have the large image popup in a window. Also, if you want to show the mini images to all visitors, but disable link to the larger/original image size; add this:

1. Line 43 of gallery.php

Comment out:

//Hide Gallery from Guest
// if ($pun_user['is_guest'])
//   message($lang_common['No permission']);

2. Add inside the <script> of the Livescroll () function BEFORE </script>:

PositionX = 100;
PositionY = 100;
defaultWidth  = 500;
defaultHeight = 500;
var AutoClose = true;
if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion.charAt(0))>=4){
var isNN=(navigator.appName=="Netscape")?1:0;
var isIE=(navigator.appName.indexOf("Microsoft")!=-1)?1:0;}
var optNN='scrollbars=no,width='+defaultWidth+',height='+defaultHeight+',left='+PositionX+',top='+PositionY;
var optIE='scrollbars=no,width=150,height=100,left='+PositionX+',top='+PositionY;

function popImage(imageURL){
if (isNN){'about:blank','',optNN);}
if (isIE){'about:blank','',optIE);}
with (imgWin.document){
writeln('<html><head><title>AF3 2005</title><style>body{margin:0px;}</style>');writeln('<sc'+'ript>');
writeln('var isNN,isIE;');writeln('if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion.charAt(0))>=4){');
writeln('function reSizeToImage(){');writeln('if (isIE){');writeln('window.resizeTo(100,100);');
writeln('window.resizeTo(width,height);}');writeln('if (isNN){');       
if (!AutoClose) writeln('</head><body bgcolor=000000 scroll="no" onload="reSizeToImage();self.focus()">')
else writeln('</head><body bgcolor=000000 scroll="no" onload="reSizeToImage();self.focus()" onblur="self.close()">');
writeln('<img name="George" src='+imageURL+' style="display:block"></body></html>');

* the above javascript code is not mine, it was probably pasted from some javascript sites which i have forgotten, probably by a guy named George :-) anyway thanks George!

3. Line 367, replace the <DIV> part where the mini images are shown with this (pardon my crude php, but it works for me):

<div style="width:<?php echo $largeur_max+$margin; ?>px;height:<?php echo $hauteur_max+$margin; ?>px;background-color: #F5F5F5;background-image: url(<?php echo $rep_upload; ?><?php echo $prefixe.$gal['date_ajout'].$gal['ext']; ?>);background-repeat: no-repeat;background-position: center center;text-align:center;">
      $file_loc = $rep_upload;
      $file_loc .= $gal['date_ajout'].$gal['ext'];
      $allow = 'javascript:popImage(\'';
      $allow .= $file_loc;
      $allow .= '\')';
      if ($pun_user['is_guest']) $allow = 'javascript:alert(\'Please login to view the picture in its original size\')';
  <a href="<?php echo $allow ?>" onMouseOver="LiveScroll('id_<?php echo $gal['id'] ?>')" onMouseOut="LiveScroll('id_<?php echo $gal['id'] ?>')">
  <img style="width:<?php echo $largeur_max+$margin; ?>px;height:<?php echo $hauteur_max+$margin; ?>px;border:1px solid #666;" src="<?php echo $rep_upload; ?>pix.gif">

rjg, yes.  phpinfo shows gd2.

GD Support  enabled 
GD Version  2.0 or higher 
FreeType Support  enabled 
FreeType Linkage  with freetype 
GIF Read Support  enabled 
GIF Create Support  enabled 
JPG Support  enabled 
PNG Support  enabled 
WBMP Support  enabled

Ataxy wrote:

ok here are my problem

i get this in my index page at the bottom
Notice: Undefined variable: output in /home/vhost/ on line 29
---never mind this one it was caused by the chatbox---

I've just installed part 1 of this today and I cant get pass the above as well -- and i dont have any chatbox...(???)
Undefined variable: output in /data/4/0/51/132/214947/user/218384/htdocs/af3/forum/index.php on line 29

cant figure out what am i doing wrong.

great mod..
i added some javascript to popup images on click.

possible to add threaded comments on images soon?

great mod.

When browsing for the file to upload/attach, how do i change the button text "Browse" to something else? tq

How do I set that only moderators+admin can post a new poll?