You cannot access the database, nor can you access the config file. How would you suggest these error messages be localised? Through magic?

Are you serious?
The whole point of extensions is that you don't have to modify the source code. You can disable them if they clash, and tell the developers.

They're installation error messages. There is no need for other languages there. Would be utterly useless.

Why would those messages need to show UTF-8 characters?

Change the default usergroup, and put them in the members usergroup yourself.


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I doubt it's something that would be put in the core, but it would make a nice extension. Which you're free to make and release however you want.


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User is a class used in PunBB indeed.


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This is PunBB, not phpBB.


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When the new parser comes, I'd guess.


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I have a feeling he found a porn forum running PunBB.

Probably an UTF-8 character that sneaked in.

Those I know of:

OpenID or something

That's all I can recall for now, there might be more.


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Oh, I don't have much against this extension system tongue It should just be as optimised as possible.


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For forum software like this, it isn't very acceptable indeed =P 3.4 CPU seconds is actually quite alot.


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You'd still be calling eval() uselessly then, which I'm sure is slower than a little check, even with false as the argument.

Yes, I'll need to find a solution for that. If you have any suggestions...


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You should create an extension for that. There are plenty of extensions already floating about that you can use as exampe.

What the topic says. Would be alot better really.

Should be fairly easily doable, come to think of it. Add a few rows to the groups table, and pass an extra parameter to parse_message().

Isn't there some checkbox you have to check to allow HTML?

Probably a corruption somewhere or so.

A hash, which I believe the token is, should never include quotations. But I could be wrong there.

And the online table 'issue' has been rectified in an SVN update.

Yes, but also pretty annoying tongue

That you can't, for example, put a block between two hooks in a conditional.


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It is indeed a bug in 1.2, that can't easily be fixed AFAIK.

Well, you generate it. You check which extension has been used and return the proper img tag on basis of that.
Right now, the same code is being used in various places. This would also make it easier to display avatars at different locations (eg. PMs.)

And indeed Smartys.