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I get this after installing

Notice: Undefined variable: id in /forum/extensions/portal_by_daris/panels/active_topics.php on line 165

punbb 1.3
portal 2.4.2



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Is there an option to set time limit on post editing? So that user can only edit his/her post for X hours after sending it?


Yep..works for me. I just commented Option -Multivies and works great now

thanks a lot


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Aha...my mistake about special chars. It works now. Tnx

Doesn't work for me. I get

Notice: Undefined variable: d in /home/forum/include/functions.php on line 390


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Could you add Male and Female to be changed in language file?

Possible bug.
If i use special characters in o_genders (in our country we have Male = Moški and Female = Ženska) the gender field in user profile doesn't show.

Ok...so if i don't see this "mumbojumbo" in let say, "View all user's posts", then the search set is empty and that's not good?

After adding code above, i get no errors what so ever.

The funny thing is, that i can see pages and browse them..but every page is empty, no search results. If i select show as topics, then it works fine.

Ok...found this when showing last topics

Array ( [0] => Array ( [tid] => 1184 [poster] => Marijch [subject] => Klepetalnica [first_post_id] => 17584 [posted] => 1205498614 [last_post] => 1230025566 [last_post_id] => 39192 [last_poster] => Mojca Aleksandra [num_replies] => 7637 [closed] => 0 [sticky] => 0 [forum_id] => 9 [forum_name] => Kar tako [has_posted] => 41 ) [1] => Array ( [tid] => 1846 [poster] => svetloba [subject] => Shizofrenija [first_post_id] => 39097 [posted] => 1229897817 [last_post] => 1230024879 [last_post_id] => 39191 [last_poster] => marjan [num_replies] => 9 [closed] => 0 [sticky] => 0 [forum_id] => 2 [forum_name] => Alternativno zdravljenje in duhovna rast [has_posted] => 0 ) [2] => Array ( [tid] => 1791 [poster] => Mojca Aleksandra [subject] => Matevž!.... :) [first_post_id] => 37157 [posted] => 1228393191 [last_post] => 1230022440 [last_post_id] => 39189 [last_poster] => Mojca Aleksandra [num_replies] => 10 [closed] => 0 [sticky] => 0 [forum_id] => 15 [forum_name] => Administrator [has_posted] => 5 ) ) 

If i view active topics i get even more of this "mumbojumbo".  Can you get any info from this?

my users are having the same problem. I just added some info in language file, advising them to press send one more time and this should fix the problem. No complaints afterwards. It's a temp solution

I changed the name in language file to image. I made a blinking email icon so it stands out.

like this

'New link active' => '<img src="/forum/img/new_pm.gif"/>&nbsp;<strong>(%d)</strong>',

I noticed this error in my error_log from yesterday when i was merging some topics.

[22-Dec-2008 13:28:31] PHP Notice:  Undefined index:  Merge topic in /home/forum/moderate.php on line 1038

Could this be a bug?


Yes...error above was fixed. I use PHP 5.2.6

I added this, but i don't see any difference. Where should i see search query?  I uploaded search.php from 1.3.2 zip file and no difference.




still got this problem

Yes..that too. But you can also take posts from one topic and move them to a new one (you create one in the same forum). Feature is called moderate topic and moderate forum.
But you can't move posts to all ready published topics.

I'm really missing option to move some posts to other topics. Users are starting one topic inside other and it's very convenient to move this posts to other topic. I know i can move posts to new topic, but i can't take just few posts and move them to another topic.

So, can anyone look into it....i think this would qualify for official extensions smile


How i can i move chat to the bottom of the page?

just comment out this line

<?php  printf($lang_index['Currently online'], implode($lang_index['Online stats separator'], $online_info)) ?>

so it looks like this

<?php // printf($lang_index['Currently online'], implode($lang_index['Online stats separator'], $online_info)) ?>

Any chance to move to it's own page yet? Will this be possible in future versions?

fantasma wrote:

yes and the background of the header with a grader how i make it?

I'm not sure what you mean, but try this
add background:#yourcolor; That would fill the rest of the header with one color.

1. background:url("img/header.png") no-repeat;

2. add display:none; to both styles.

in style_cs.css add to #brd-head

I'm sorry, but that's stupid. I would change host

sorry of off topic

What's this?

I noticed this after applying last hotfixes. It shown in top of forums

Notice: Undefined index: hotfix in /home/forum/include/cache.php on line 374



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How far can we go with this smile


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I think i did too big_smile