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I can't figure out why it is that the demo won't come up in Firefox (beta 1.5).
When I used the HTML Tidy extension and its "Clean Up Code" function, it then displayed the demo in the extension window. Strange ...

BTW, Rickard - this is very cruel! Now we're all dreaming of 1.3 and plugins ... errr, add-ins.
I like the idea of calling them "pun-ins". smile


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Upgrade via patch went fine smile

Yes, the pogenwurst solution would be the simplest and would work fine for me. smile
I'm sorry, I didn't mean this request to cause any undue trouble.

Yes, pogenwurst is right.
It's just another option for updating an installation (if like me you don't have mods and can just use the patch file).
I like to be able to grab just those files I need via curl.

would it be possible to make the update.php file available as well for direct download?
That way I would only have to grab the patch/diff plus the update file ... no need for uploading.


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Ta - this is really helpful. smile


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yep, that's the one I changed.

Thanks for a great little forum, Rickard!

I'm really looking forward to 1.3 and SEF URLs smile smile


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Rickard wrote:

I've updated the download to incorporate the following changes:



I've just downloaded the tar.gz file and installed punbb - and I still got the problem with the page redirect not working ("Bad request. The link you followed is incorrect or outdated.") in the Profile section.
Changeset 229 fixed it for me.