Matchmaker looks nice.  Does anyone know of any non fee based match making or dating PHP scripts.  I searched a lot through but didn't see any that fell into the free license catagory?



Hi Gizzmo!

Everyone on my board is loving the calendar.  I finally figured out why my Birthday stuff wasn't showing up in the user profiles and got that going.  However, when you go to select the Month, it is blank.... can you tell me what I missed?



Worked like a charm CodeXP.

Thank you!!!!!

Since the master php.ini is defaulted at 2mb, is there any way to have a 2nd php.ini file to override it?  My website is hosted and I don't have access to the php.ini and I'd like to have up to 6mb for attachment size.


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I just upgraded to 1.2.6 and it went flawless.  I have the attachment mod and the calendar mod and they are still there and working!

Woo hoo. 

Thanks for all the hard work Rickard!


wait, I may have spoken too soon.  Frontpage did give me the following error:

but nothing seemed to be affected in a negative way and the upgrade script ran fine and it reports 1.2.6 verion.  So, no complaints here.

So if we're running the previous version, how do we upgrade?

Gizzmo, thanks for the help.  I've got everything working great except the Birthday part.  It doesn't show up anywhere in the user profile.  Funny thing, I had it orginally at line 81.  Anyways, I've moved it to line 80 and no change.


Hi Gizzmo!

Thanks for a great mod.  It seems like I've got it about 95% working.  I was able to edit and upload the files no problem.  The install script ran without complaint.  3 issues I have are that there are no links to calender in my header, but I can go there directly.

Also, if I try to make changes in the admin calendar settings, I get a can't write to file error.  I'm not sure which file it's trying to write too, so if you let me know, then I'll chmod it's permissions.

And lastly, I'm not sure where on /lang/english/profile.php to paste the birthday, section

I looked briefly at your website Gizzmo and it looks great!



Frank, looks like that did it, sort of.  I changed it from750 to 777 in the attach_func.php, but when it created the directory, it only created it as a 755.  Still no write access!

So, I created my own directory, assigned it 777 and then redirected to that instead of the randomly generated one and it worked.  Not pretty, probably not the most secure, but operable.

I'm still working on understanding permissions.  The fact that I could make a directory, but not be able to delete it because of a permission I assigned to it is morbidly amusing.  Of course, the directorys with the 750 permissions won't let me change their permissions either.

But it working, and you have my appreciation for the work you put into and how you've supported here!



Help!  I've read completely through all the posts on this mod and double checked every step.  My forum now shows the attachment option and will let you upload, however it never shows up on the post.  I've altered the rules to a) allow it in the forum I'm testing in and b) changed the max size.

While I don't have complete control over my environment (it's hosted so I don't know that I could reboot), I am able to check the MySql database and the two attach tables are in there, so that seems to be good.

One behavior I've noticed is that I can't delete the attachment directories or change their permissions, seems they are locked at 750.  Also when I go to look inside them, I get path errors on my file mananger.

Take a look at this:

and then when I try to go into the directory

I would really appreciate any help solving this.