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Any reason it is fixed width rather than fluid?


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Rickard wrote:

The website looks great. Nice work!

Bit SimpleBitsy for my liking.


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downliner wrote:

I personally think that they will help give our company a boost with Google etc. People will be searching for 'beef suppliers' etc so aslong as we have good content it will boost our position. In the long run we could be ranked No. 1 and turn over a lot of profit.

Er, no it won't. Your beef domains just forward to the yorkes site, so the content has nothing to do with the domain. And you are using flash, so Google can't even see the content.

I don't think the domains are that good anyway... Dundee United arn't going to buy footballteam.co.uk are they?

You can't expect to buy a domain for £2 one day and sell it for $5k the next.

You could install the old PM mod, convert, and then upgrade it.

Did you select yourself as an administrator with the conversion tool?

Why would you only want Mint on the index page?

If you look at line 171 of header.php you can see how things are displayed for index.php only.

Who are you talking to?

You need your own skin for a start.

You will need to alter viewtopic.php. You can search on google for the php or ask Mr. Inman:




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Yes, you can look in search.php to see how post contents are trimmed.


The PM mod was updated a few months ago, so it might not be compatible with the converter. Avatars arn't migrated.


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These are the bots that register just to promote the usual drug/viagra websites, getting inbound links via forum memberlists.

gto wrote:


I'd like to know if it's possible to add people to a friends list on punBB?
IS there a mod for it?


gto wrote:

Is it possible to suspend someone's count and IP for 15 days?

Put them on the ban list for 15 days.

gto wrote:

Is it possible to add a level to ppl? The more they reply on the forum, the more their level rises.

Yes, see 'Ranks' in the admin panel.

www.photographytalk.net uses a 'Similar Threads' feature, you'd have to ask them how they did it.

1. Yes. You have to install the PM mod on PunBB before converting.

2. They are slightly different, you can use htaccess to redirect the out of date urls.

downliner wrote:

But my question is: Are column 1 and 2 actually the same column? Im having trouble finding which part of base.css to edit to make the first column (post icon) slightly larger.


It's not in base.css. You just need to make the left margin between the icon and the text bigger.

TD DIV.tclcon {MARGIN-LEFT: 2.3em}
downliner wrote:

I'd also like to change the background colour of just the first two (post icon & forum) columns if possible?

They have a class of .tcl, so use that.

Sent messages arn't saved by default.


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Why would the kid buy two consoles?

Someone has done it, but I don't think they've released it as a mod. You'll have to search these forums.

You could use the 'Redirect URL' option, and create a forum that redirects to individual topics.


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You can use extern.php to show the latest posts.



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Do it via CSS.


Er, it's not much better in IE. It's not a browser issuse, just bad css.


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Strofanto wrote:

Purpose of this is making easier for modders to include new pages changing PUN_ROOT.

That doesn't make sense.