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You mean the 'sticky' option?

Jasoco wrote:

Don't ask why. Doesn't matter. I know it's possible, I just want to do it right.

Basically what I'm looking to do is add code to whatever controls user logging in and adds their name and time of login to a new table.

Then create a page (That only certain people would have access to.) that displays all this info.

I guess the real part I need help with is where the code should go for adding a row to the table I'll be using.

I'll have to create a new table in PHPMyAdmin. I guess I'd call it "loginlog" or something. It would have three columns. Username, IP and Time. Pretty obvious.

The whole reason I am doing this is because I need to know when and if certain users are visiting. You may say it would get too big too fast wouldn't it? Not really. My forum is really really small. If we have to, we can modify it to delete older entries after a week or month or whatever.

So I guess the first question is, what file should the Table modification code go in? And what code should be used? (I'm new to MySQL and the controlling of it with PHP. I'm able to easily read tables. But I've never made code that adds to tables and I don't want to screw anything up.) What file is used when a user first accesses a punBB forum and is registered to the database as "Logged in and online"?

The last visit data is already stored.

Logged in as Elzar
Last visit: Yesterday 16:33:23

Instead of an extra page why not just modify the userlist or a users profile?


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You'll have to install 1.2.11 and then redo all your tweaks.

I like the zero-borders approach. Viewtopic is a bit messy with signatures and dates all over the place though.


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dss wrote:

Somehow I want to add a unique div which will surround each instance of a forum and style it uniquely per instance.

So just add something like

<div class="forum<?php echo forum id ?>">

in index.php


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There is a mod on Punres.org that uses javascript to open new windows.

Talk to your host smile


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cytexone wrote:

Thanks for the great forum software, Rickard, and thank you to all mod developers for their great work!

So why does it say 'Powered by CYTEXONE' and not PunBB..?



else if (isset($_POST['update_group_membership']))
    if ($pun_user['g_id'] > PUN_ADMIN)
        message($lang_common['No permission']);


else if (isset($_POST['update_group_membership']))
    if ($pun_user['g_id'] > PUN_MOD)
        message($lang_common['No permission']);


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An example would help. Did this happen just once or all the time?

StevenBullen wrote:

So whats the difference between a search page and a normal viewtopic page?
I think I am missing something here.

You don't see the entire content of the post.


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mhe wrote:

Any other opinions? As far as i know no other board has the feature, but i dont see why really.

I believe you can link to your own stylesheets in Lussumo Vaniila.

We heard you the first time.

Ask the author of the sub-forum mod.


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Clear your cookies


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What's the problem? Is that not a modification?


You might want to contact Chacmool to see if it can be part of the PunBB migration tool.



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s0me0ne wrote:

It'd be a nice feature to hide the userlist from anyone not a guest or anyone with less than 25posts.

How about 26 posts?

You can hide the userlist by making a small change in functions.php, and you can 'unlink' profiles in viewtopic with another small edit.

<div id="teamname">
    <p> </p>

#teamname {
    background: url(meh.png) center center no-repeat;
    height: Xpx;
    margin: Xpx;


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Just tell your members not to alter the timezone then.

Just create a new div #teamname in main.tpl and then define the height, width, margin and background image in each stylesheet.



Can you not do it via the annoucement box?

TFD wrote:

wonder what the avg size of a post is in kbs?

Puns CSS pages are very small, shouldn't have to worry about bandwidth.