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It works well.
One question I have is, how can I get rid of the border around the header image?. The colour of it is D3DAE1, but I cannot see it anywhere, to change it. Thank you.



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Can someone please tell me which file I need to edit, so I can change the text that shows the file size, and the message file has never been downloaded.. I need to alter this.
Thanks very much



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This extension works well. It certainly reduces the amount of spam registrations, but it is amazing how many spammers are not bots these days, they are obviously paying these annoying people to trash our forums with their fake Gucci handbags, and Rolex watches.

I am using punbb for something quite different to a forum board, and have got one simple question on the stop bots extension, and it has stopped all spammers dead in their tracks.

I got 80 spam registrations today sad

PunBB version 1.4.2

Antispam System 1.3.4  or  http://punbb.informer.com/forums/topic/ … nstopbots/

As the title says, when I try to install the extensions which are listed as compatible with my brand new 1.4.2 installation, it says "This extension is not compatible with your PunBB version."

What am I doing incorrectly?.


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Just curious if there is anyone who could do this, or would it steer the punbb software too far down the phpBB3 track and get bloated and heavy?.

The list of forums just gets very long, and it gets hard to find stuff, and to be able to link to a category would be fantastic.

Thanks lots.


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Ok, thanks very much.


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When I set the databases up in my cpanel, I had to give them a name, username and password. Do I have to use the original name/user/pass if I'm restoring from a backup?.


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Thank you.

My next question is when I restore a backup, do I have to use the original db names I used, or can I use new ones?. Rookie Question here  tongue

Thanks for the help so far, it is appreciated.


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I have a version of PunBB that I have modified to suit my requirements. My question is when I do a database back up thru phpmyadmin, does this only pick up the content of the forums?. Am I right in guessing the changed punbb forum installation  files will have to be downloaded seperately via an FTP client?.

As you can see, I am way new to all this, but am reading up on it a lot, so I have the nuts and bolts of it sorted, it's just the details that are eluding me at this point.

Thank you punbb community, this is a great product, and is easy to use.


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Okay, I have edited a bit of code out, and it's coming along nicely thanks to your generous help. I have a another couple of questions if you wouldn't mind helping me out. A lot of the questions I am answering myself as I open up various parts of the files, and experimenting, but I am stuck on these ones.

Is there a way to make the search system automatically search by posts. It seems to default back to topics, and my board will have to search by posts to work properly.

If I am modifying code, and changing files, what would the backup procedure be?. I would run backups every night, but if I had a hacker bring the whole thing down, what order do things happen in?
Re-install punbb - do I have to make the new database excatly the same name/user as the original?
Do I then run the back up once it's reinstalled, or upload the modified files first, then do the restore?

Thanks troops.


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Thanks very much Slavok, that is very helpful. I have just redesigned my homepage, and am starting on the punbb side of the site. I will probably annoy you again soon.  tongue


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I think I have got my head around this now. I needed to stop, and read the darn instructions. Sorry for being a pain in the butt.


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Hello punbb community.

I need to try to chop up a forum software package to use on a new business website. The site is my own idea, and is a first for my country, and I am starting it on a shoe-string budget, and as a result, and trying to do as much of the work myself, despite having very little skill.
The idea will be to enable users to list materials they have that they don't need anymore, and advertise them in front of a national audience.

  I have spent weeks chopping up phpbb, removing a heap of functionality and changing words and phrases to suit the site, but a recent crash has left me unable to restore the database successfully. I have ended up here after being recommended punbb, and did a quick installation of it, and I absolutely LOVE the software, it's clean, it's easy to understand, and seems to be a lot faster in it's execution.

My questions are:
How easy is it to chop up the coding?. I need to remove a lot of functionality that just won't be needed, but can I do this without ending up killing the software completely?.
As an example, i would be removing links like "active topics, new topics and unanswered topics from the top right hand side of the page.
   On the bottom right of the screen are "total number of posts" and "total number of topics". I would need to chop out the total posts one, and rename the other one to "total number of listings"

This was the sort of stuff I modified in phpbb, and cannot really afford to spend weeks doing it again. I was hoping punbb would be easier.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Thank you Slavok.


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I have been a long time phpBB user, and was told to try punbb, and so far it looks good. Is there any ongoing development and so forth for this forum software?. I was going to use it in a large scale project, and was trying to find some skins/themes other than oxygen, which is still good, but everywhere I go, the sites look like ghost towns, and clicking on images of styles just brings up mysql errors etc.  I am not being mean, or trolling, I am genuinely keen on this software, but it seems to have a fraction of the theme options of phpBB.

Am I looking in the wrong place or something?

Thanks .


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Sorry to necro a week old thread, but I recently decided to give punBB a go after being a long time phpBB3 user, and so far the only thing I have seen in the way of functionality that I miss, is that the search system only goes to topic headers, and will not drill right down inot individual words in posts.

Is there an addon/hack to make this possible?
Thanks heaps.