EDIT: I figured it out. I missedited the search.php file. I am teh suck

Anyone else notice the search function doesnt work properly after installing this? It doesnt let me search the entire forum anymore, but I can search seperate forums. Sigh

Howabout a demo? Im not sure what this does.

Somebody get on this asap. Help us newbies out. Love you all <3<3

Bring this mod on!

I have it working. One question.. is it possible to show on the main page that a new topic was posted in the sub forum? I used your HTML idea so that you can see the subforum on the main page, but there is noway to tell from the main page that a new topic has been posted.

Please email me when its ready. I'll test it out for you on my site/forum


Take care and thanks for the good work!

Yes.. I'd like this very much

I'm going to ask again... not to be a pain, but because I really want to know!

How do I allow users to add pics to this gallery as well? As far as I can see, only myself (the admin) can add images. Am I doing something wrong?

2 Questions:

1. Is it possible for other users to add images to the gallery? From what I am seeing, only I (the admin) am able to upload images.

2. Is it possible someone could mod this so that forum members could comment on the images?

That worked. Thanks!

Just tried everything again, very slowly and precisely to make sure its nothing wrong I was doing. And again, after I run install_mod.php, I get the following message:

You are running a version of PunBB (1.2.7) that this mod does not support. This mod supports PunBB versions: 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5

When I go into administration and click on any of the gallery options, I get this: Poki BB Gallery is not installed correctly. Please make sure you have launch install_mod.php

I figured it out. I hadn't uploaded message_delet.php, message_list.php, or message_send.php

Thats what I don't get... Is there a file someplace that I can change which version it checks for? Maybe that would fix my issue?

I presumed 1.2 meant all versions 1.2 and later...


pokemon_jojo wrote:

hello, just a little message to said, i'm working on version 2.0 Final ^^

So you're saying this definetly doesn't work 1.2.7??

Would it work if I upgraded to 1.2.8?

I REALLY want this to work. Whats weird is its all their in the administration, but I get that error about it not working with my version..

Please help,, I have no luck with mods and punbb sad

It looks like everything installed fine. I see the PM link next to people's names and everything.

However, when I click on the PM field, I just get a The page cannot be found. When clicking on one of the users, this is the exact link that shows in the browser: http://www.fraggerock.com/forum/message … p;tid=3913

Is it possible I didnt upload a file in the right place? Perhaps I'm supposed to change the files in my theme?

Not sure whats wrong here. Please help

EDIT: Same thing happens when I click on "Messages" on the top of the forum:


I'm getting this error:

You are running a version of PunBB (1.2.7) that this mod does not support. This mod supports PunBB versions: 1.2, 1.2.1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.4, 1.2.5

Any suggestions on how to make that go away? Really interested in using this mod. Thanks smile

NightFalcon wrote:

Did you guys go to the forum permissions and enabled image uploads? By default they won't be allowed for users. Go to Administration -> Forums -> Edit (Next to one of the forums you want users to upload to) -> And Enable Image Upload for groups that need it.


NightFalcon I'm sure will have this worked out today. Seems like a pretty quick to respond/helpful guy

This mod is awesome by the way

Nope.. It's fine like that. I just thought it wasn't working at first when replying to people, but I was just in quick post.

Just found an odd bug. Must be something I have configured wrong. Other users don't have the option to upload images. It seems to be only working for me as the admin. Any ideas? OR is it supposed to only work for admins?

I'm a giant tard..

It's working now smile

Are you supposed to be able to post images when using "quick post"? I noticed you can't

Ok I reuploaded files, and got that fixed. Forums are now up...

However, when I go to post a new topic, I get this:


An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch forum info.

MY forums aren't working now:


I am running the newest punbb, and got this message when I tried to run install_mod.php: 
You are running a version of PunBB () that this mod does not support. This mod supports PunBB versions: 1.2.6, 1.2.7

Got it! thanks.. Going to attemp the install now. Will report back with details of my victory (hopefully)


NightFalcon, did you get my email? Just want to be sure