Night... What's your email address? I'm making a zip file of them now.

Actually.. nvrmind. I'm emailing you through this board with a link to download a zip file with the files you mentioned.

Thanks so much!

Hey night falcon (or anybody who is interested)

If I pay pal'd you $20 bucks, would you be willing to install this for me? I can send you all the files n' all that. I absolutely suck at this, but my forum regulars have been begging for this for a while.

If so, please contact me:

Is there a way to have a section on the sidebar of my Wordpress site called "Recent Forum Posts" or even better "Most Commented Forum Posts"?

Basically have forum topics (say, 5 of them) posted to the sidebar of my wordpress site,, hopefully depending on which topics are having the most discussion?

Does anyone know of a mod like this? There is one for Wordpress that does this with PhPBB, but I'd like to be able to do this with PunBB.

Any suggestions?

I've followed all the instructions. The mod is installed correctly. However, when I click on any forum posts now, I get this:

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch if there were any attachments to the post.

I'm running 1.2.6 (I edited it to allow that.. however, I don't understand where I'm supposed to change "True" to false. Could you paste the line I need to change? Perhaps paste exactly what I need to put in there and I can just copy/paste?


Do you know what the name of it is exactly that I should be looking for? Theres stuff for IPB in there, and for Pun. I'm a huge newb with this here, so I'm not sure where exactly to change sad

Edit: Nevermind! figured it out after! w00t

Sorry for my stupidity.. Im not sure what you mean. Do you mean through PhPmyadmin? The only thing I see when I log into the actual forums are the same thing as if I was just a normal, regular non-admin user.

Ok.. thats not so bad since users can get their passwords emailed to them. I managed to get mine sent to me... However..

Now I can't login to the admin panel any longer. Can anyone tell me which file needs to be edited in my FTP so that I can give myself admin access again? Or, is there an easier way?

Thanks again for all your help


So I upgraded to pun, and all the posts/users transferred flawlessly. However, I'm unable to login at pun. It will allow me to login, but then just bring me back to the login page.

If anyone would be kind enough to shoot me an email, that'd be great. I'll check back here as well.