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Would love to see local forum in the list of Supported image hosting, making it compatible with Pun_Attachment.



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Beautifully made.
Nice to take advantage of HTML5.



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Huuuze wrote:

bump x 4 ...any traction on collapsing the polls by default?

Im not sure if I can help but I took the spoiler code from one of the bbcode extensions and put it in pun_poll, for the same reason as you stated before.

On line 8:

    <div id="spoiler-container" class="mf-box checkbox" style="border:0px solid black;">    
    <span id="spoiler-button" onClick="if(this.innerHTML=='Create Poll'){this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'block';this.innerHTML='Hide';} else {this.parentNode.getElementsByTagName('div')[0].style.display = 'none';this.innerHTML='Create Poll';}">Create Poll</span>
    <div id="spoiler-hidebox">
<fieldset class="frm-group group<?php echo ++$forum_page['group_count'] ?>">

and on line 134:


I've made a few more fixes for myself and could refine them to fit in the official extensions if theres an interest in it.

Great work, this feature has a lot of potential.

Will give it a try in my devforum.

Thank you very much.


The download link is broken. Does anyone have a copy of this extension?


I was considering bumping this too, a couple of weeks ago.

I've got it working-ish though, by changing the hook on line 70 from pf_change_details_admin_pre_group_membership to pf_change_details_admin_pre_membership in the manifest.xml.

Its not that pretty but its a workaround. Good luck.