Hi Elzar & Pogenwurst,

Ok, I see and understand now. Thanks!


I know this is a dumb question but, how do I get my (extern.php) to activate and to work on my index.php page??

Anyone's help on this on exactly what to do would be most appreciated!


Elzar wrote:


The last visit is shown on almost every page..

Thanks but I would like it to ALSO show on the TOP of every page.


Anyone got any idea in how I can get the (last_visit) to show in my header.php?? Appreciate if someone could help me in how to do this.


Elzar wrote:

Enable Debug Mode and then post the error here.

Check your database tables...

bodhisattva wrote:

If you installed any modules, probably you are running a db query on a nonexistent field. Do as Elzar said.

Thanks Elzar & Bodhisattva, you were right. With my friends help we found a mod (line of code) I forgot about in the function.php I added that queryed the db on a non existent field.

Thanks for pointing the way!

CodeXP wrote:

This would probably help you out a bit: http://punbb.org/docs/faq.html#faq2_7

Thanks for directing me to the link, but cannot find anything there that relates to my problem.

But thanks...


I've encountered this error when I tryed to delete a posting from my forum::

An error was encountered

Error: Unable to fetch posts.

Can anyone tell me if this is the cache, database, chmod, etc which is causing this error to be displayed?? Would appreciate someone's help on this.

BTW, I deleted my cache of all files, and it is still causing this error message to show??

Please help... Thanks...

Thanks Reines for replying to my questions.



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Elzar wrote:

You need to CHMOD the /avatars folder to 777.

Ok, I'll give it a try! ....Thank You! smile

I am getting this message: "The server was unable to save the uploaded file. Please try again." when I try to upload my avatar? My pic is smaller then whats allowed in KB. What else could cause this message??

Any help would be most appreciated.

Another dumb question, but could someone explain to me exactly what the "cache" files do?? And what would happen if I were to delete them and what would it effect??


Odis wrote:

As starshiner posted...  you need to add u.sex to the code like this

$result = $db->query('SELECT u.username, u.email, u.title, u.realname, u.url, u.jabber, u.icq, u.msn, u.aim, u.yahoo, u.sex, u.location, u.use_avatar, u.signature, u.disp_topics, u.disp_posts, ....

To add it to your database. Go into mysql and run

alter table users add sex varchar(10);

Thanks & appreciate!!! ....I'll give it a try!!



lament wrote:

no it doesn't email you when you receive a PM.

I wish it did, and in fact a year ago I brought that up..

Thanks for the quick reply and into refreshing my mind that the PM script does not send any email.

And yes, it would be nice if it did like you discribed.

Thanks for the responds...

Little Problem in PM::

I am aware when you PM somebody the script will automatically send that someone an email notifying him/her has a private message waiting back at the forum right? My problem is the script is No Longer sending an email anymore??

Can someone help and tell me what (PHP) file or line of code that is causing this to happen?

Would appreciate...


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I think this Broadcast Email works great! But boy does it HANG when I try to send out over 400 emails at once. Is their anyway to tweak it so it's would move faster?

Any shared help would be appreciate...

Please remove this post no longer needed.

lee wrote:

I've made all the changes seva said, added what starshiner said. Now all I need to do is create the database field right? How do I do that?

YES, how do you create the database fields?

Is their a hack, mod, or code I could add-in for the gallery that will enable the end user member to delete his own photo from the gallery?

Please help....thxs

This is a really cool mod! Great job! ...But I noticed it does not have the ability for the member to delete his own pics from the gallery?? Is their a hack or mod that will enable the member to delete his own pic from the gallery? Would appreciate any info that someone may have to add the delete feature.


This is a very good add-on. I would like to add this to my forum. Since I do not know much about coding, could someone share their advice on how to add the new sex field & what to add into the sql database file??

Anyone's help to this would be most appreciated!


creaturecorp wrote:

It's just a user title as far as I know.


Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I finally figured that out. ...Yikes! ...LOL...

Have a nice day!

Just curiously wondering, but how do you enable the "PunBB Donor" text to be displayed under the persons Username?? Is there a mod or hack for this?


sfackler wrote:

The download was the last link.  I made it a little more obvious.

Thanks for the download link! Now I can install it for my Punbb 1.2.6


Nice mod! This would be something I could use. But I can't seem to find the mod download link??

Please help...Thanks!

Hello Mediator,

Yes!... I need a few Mods done to my PunBB 1.2.6 if you are avialible to do these for me right now? I will pay you thru PayPal for whatever your charge is, I just need to get it done.

Send me a message so we can make contact to work over the details.