I was wondering how to "increase" the amount of characters allowed in the "Event Body" in the Calendar mod?? Do I need to increase a table number in the database or something?

Would appreciate if someone could help me in how to do this.


Anyone outthere that can help me?


RuDeDoGg wrote:

I can make it.  Do you just want a text area, where the user can write a little bit about themselves?


Thanks for the reply. Sorry so late. And yes, just a textarea where the user can write a little something about themselves.

I'll be waiting for your reply.



Need someone to create a Mod for me for my PunBB 1.2.6 for an added "About Me" description textarea field within the users profile. I will pay coder thru PayPal for this feature to be added. If anyone can help, contact me for further detail.


Hi RuDeDoGg!

Thanks for the time zone info! I appreciate!



Just wondering if someone could help me get my PunBB's "Server Timezone" to be set correctly? I been messing around with the different time zones, but I can't get it set right to (HST) Hawaii's time zone, which is 3 hours behind California's time.

Can someone help? Would appreciate!


Hi G!

Thanks for the code! That was the ticket!! Guess my "Editpad" did'nt show the numbered lines right. ...Hhhmmmmm

Thanks again for taking the time to strip-out that line of code for me! I appreciate it dude! U da man!


Hi Giz,

Thanks for the reply. And yes, I did

Some of this::

//    while($post_list = $db->fetch_assoc($result)){
              //    $time = date('j',$post_list['posted']);
           //    $posts[$time]++;
           //    };
          // }

And this::

           while($post_list = $db->fetch_assoc($result)){
                 $time = date('j',$post_list['posted']);

I must be comment out the wrong lines huh?


Hi Giz,

Hea, I tryed commenting out lines 911, 912, 913, 914, 915, like you said in the root/calendar.php. But it doesn't seem to work? All I get is an errooooor page.

HHhmmmmm...   hmm

Thanks again giz for your help!!! BTW, is you site back up?



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If I can remember, In the include/functions.php - line 260, I just Commented Out that line. Then it should'nt be displayed on the guest page anymore.


$links[] = '<li id="navuserlist"><a href="userlist.php">'.$lang_common['User list'].'</a>';

After that, you have to re-locate that line 260 to under line 277 ( if ($pun_user['g_id'] > PUN_MOD) ) for it to be re-displayed to the logged-in registered users.

This worked for me, but I am not a coder, i just dable with it a little.

Hope this helps.


I loaded the Calandar Mod on my 1.2.6 and everything works fine! Thanks "Giz"!

My question, is their a way to "Disable" everyone's "B-Day" date from being displayed on the main calendar??

Anyone's help and advise on this would be most appreciated.


Hi m4dm4n,

It worked! Thanks again for your time and help on this!

Have a good one!  wink


Hi m4dm4n,

Thanks for the reply! Ok, I'll give the code swap a try! I appreciate!!!




I have a question, I am running 1.2.6, and how do I make this "announcement" ( <h2><span><?php echo $lang_index['Board info'] ?></span></h2> ) line of code Not showup on the guest "index.php" page? I only what the announcement to be displayed after the user has been logged in.

Hint:: I got my forum setup so when guest come to the index page, they cannot see the topics, but only after they have registered or logged in then they can see all the topics.

Could someone help me on this? Would appreciate!




I Was wondering if any of you good folks outhere could help me. What I want to do is NOT have the ['Board info'] showup on the Guest index.php page. After a user has registed and logged in, then he can see the Announcment  page being displayed.

Can anyone please help?? Would appreciate.



Hi Giz,

You made my day!! The mod worked fine! Thank you so very much!!!

Have a great day and a better tomarrow!:):)

Warmest & Kindest Regards,


Hi Giz,

Thanks for the reply and the patch!! I'll give it a try!

U da man!

Hnstmn smile:)

Hi Gizzmo,

Great calendar mod! Works perfect on my 1.2.6! ...Thanks!

BTW, I have one little problem though, under the page (/calendar.php?view=event&date=2005.9.21) "Viewing Calendar Events", the event date number seems to be "bunched up" like so::

Event Date:September 21st2005 (Single Day Event).

If you don't mine, could you kindly point me into the right direction in what file to look into, line no#, and code do I need to go to in adjusting the spacing in the date??

Your time and effort would be greatly appreciated in this small matter!

Kind Regards,


BTW, I like PunBB very much! I have tryed all types of forums within the last four years, and found these other forums (espeically in the admin panel) are VERY complicated to operate. PunBB is NOT!

Thanks guys great software! Keep up the good work! wink

Hi Rickard,

Thanks for the reply. I understand now.


Thanks for the reply,

So the user has to "click-on" that link in the e-mail letter that is sent to him when he first registers huh?  So if they don't click on that link, then basically they are "Not Verified" as being kinda a non-member sort of speak? Ok, I see and understand now..... Thanks "Gizzmo"!!

Kind Regards,



I am running PunBB 1.2.6, and I know this is a really dumb question, but under the Users page - the Title/Status, what does "Not verified" mean beside the right of the users e-mail address???

Anyones answer to this would be much appreciated!


Mod Request: Avatars Gallery Mod

Looking for someone to create a pre-installed Avatars Gallery Modification for my PunBB: 1.2.6 so that the end user can choose an avatar for his profile, instead of posting one remotely.

Similar to messages:



Can anyone provide this Mod for me for a (1.2.6) version? I will Pay for someone's coding time, being I am Not a coder. Or is it best for me to go to ScriptLance to get this mod done? Any suggestions? Can anyone help?

Someone's time and effort would be most appreciated!