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Any news about if it worked or not ? smile


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When i disable in panels all stuff on left then the central area moves to left a bit...enabling back at least one moves the central area back..the same at right panels... shouldnt be this static ? smile Im using opera 9.27..in IE it works fine smile


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Are other webs like mentioned metacafe already in ? smile by isnt it working smile


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Hmm...was visiting this and its looking very good...thanks for your work smile


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Apophis wrote:

metacafe ????


btw..with youtube i get some error..like the movie isnt available anymore (but it loads and starts..) and it shows after 1st second...


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What about metacafe ? smile

no i dont use.. apparently was the issue on my side..sorry for taking your time..issue was in apache..restart helped and no idea why that happened after 3 years smile

Hmm... ive used the previous smtp server for 3 years...it stopped to work and i tried gmail.. i changed the ssl in email.php and telnet to gmail works...even telnet to previous smtp...only thing that is no working is punbb and thought the error is from punbb smile

Ive tried also smtp.google.com and no success sad

EDIT: the previous smtp server was from my provider...

EDIT2: Ive tried with this improvement http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=14179 and wont work..please..what is 145 ? Timeout ? it worked well for 2 years but cca 3 weeks ago it stopped from it self... no idea why...

EDIT3: Also smtp.gmail.com and still the same error...

Ive this msg when registering to punbb or sending emails...my provider says that by him is everything fine and i didnt modified any files like email.php...any clue pls ?

Error: Could not connect to smtp host "mail.xxx-xxx.xx" (145) ()

hcgtv wrote:


Andi should release a new version soon, no new features are being added at this point and Q/A is going on for the release candidate.

I would say it's not that far off, no longer than a couple of weeks.

I will be happy when 1.3 is out and new docuwiki too... to use them both.. smile

Hi...does somebody knows when this new dokuwiki will be out ? I plan also to make some site similar to rose-na...looks great smile

Is there some mod or plugin where i disable "Visit timeout" to "0" and i will have fixed messages status shown as unread till i read them or till i use "mark all as read" ? yikes

I have one question... on quakenet is kind of auth system...when i use this it wont work...right ? yikes


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Somebody has a clue about this ? yikes

Connorhd wrote:

ok i think its working fine... if you have any problems please don't hesitate to post here or email me but here it is...

for 1.2 beta release, oh and it only works for mysql not psql, sqlite or mysqli when i get some time i'll add psql and mysqli

Where can i find this plugin ? yikes

Sorry...i misundestand the pruning stuff... smile


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I know this is not phpbb...this forum has realy many good things and ive changed from phpbb to this forum....there are some things i miss and i would like to ask if it is possible somehow to have different classes of topics (vote, important, normal, anouncement...) or if is already some plugin or mod for this....thanks alot

Its something from this not included in current version ? yikes

Somebody tryed this on 1.2.6 ? yikes


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Hmmm....its something like this for the newest version ? yikes


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How to set it so it will not be active in the same second as i read the msg ? :-O My indicator on left side is active more minutes... :-(


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1. How to send as admin email to user from forum or emails to all user or only to some group ? I cant find any hints about it...
2. Is in this PunBB some vote system so i can announce som elections and ppl can vote and after they do they will see results ?

Thanks alot for help :-)