Cia, I suggest you clear everything out, download the mod again, and re-do the install. Without actual access to the server it's hard for me to say what can be going wrong.

Did you make some modifications to image_upload.php? None of your line numbers are matching up with the last revision...

What are the permissions on the upload directory? Also, if you have access to the apache and PHP logs, take a look there right after the upload. What version of PunBB are you using?

Cia: Check lines 350-357 in image_upload.php. Check what "$dest.$name" and "$dest.'thumbnails/'.$name" equal to.

sirena: Yes, you can restrict which forums images can be uploaded to. This is done through forum permissions.

Check your upload directory, make sure it is writable.

vibien - pop3 should work, but I haven't tested it (hence why it is disabled). Simply edit the admin page and remove the disabled attribute. You may need to do some more tweaking to the mail-handling routines for it to work properly. I've got another week of university and then I've got spring break. Hopefully I'll be able to do some more development on this mod then.

quaker - not exactly sure what files you're talking about...

Go over the instructions again then. Not much more I can suggest.

Did you run the install script?

It used to be when I first started working on it, but have since decided not to use my own forums for beta testing smile

I have a separate install on my local development server for monitoring everything. Though lately I've had very little time to work on this, unfortunately.

Same content as in posts on the list are reflected on the forums, and forum posts are sent to the list.

I've never used yahoo groups, so can't say for sure if it is similar, but your description is correct.

By the sound of it, you have a number of errors, but I'd start with post.php as far as being unable to post new topics.

##        Mod title:  Mail List Bridge Mod
##      Mod version:  1.0.0
##   Works on PunBB:  1.2.x, 1.2.10 (tested)
##     Release date:  2006-01-22
##           Author:  Max Khitrov (
##      Description:  This mod creates a link between mailing list(s) and your
##                    forum, allowing users to access the same content using
##                    two different methods.
##   Affected files:  viewforum.php
##                    viewtopic.php
##                    post.php
##                    common.php
##       Affects DB:  Yes
##            Notes:  1) This is the first release of the mod. Although I've
##                       been testing it myself, when dealing with topics like
##                       e-mail and mailing lists the only way of ironing out
##                       bugs is to have many people test in different
##                       environments. If you don't feel up to the challenge,
##                       wait until the next few releases are out.
##                    2) Before installation, read problems.txt for a list of
##                       known issues with this mod.
##                    3) The mod is currently English-only (all strings are
##                       hard-coded), and the documentation is lacking a bit.
##                       Both will be fixed later on, but if you're not
##                       comfortable with English, I suggest you wait a bit,
##                       since miscommunications can cause problems. As far as
##                       documentation goes, if you need help, please post on
##              forums. Do not e-mail me, or ask questions
##                       on other boards, since that will only make it difficult
##                       for others to find answers to similar problems.
##                    4) Be sure to thoroughly read and understand the
##                       descriptions of all options in the admin, before asking
##                       questions.
##                    5) This mod modifies some of the default forum behavior,
##                       especially when a bridge is in two-way mode. Try to
##                       understand the modifications as you are doing them,
##                       just so I don't get a few dozen "where is the reply
##                       link?" type questions ;)
##       DISCLAIMER:  Please note that "mods" are not officially supported by
##                    PunBB. Installation of this modification is done at your
##                    own risk. Backup your forum database and any and all
##                    applicable files before proceeding.

PunRes Topic:

As mentioned on punres - please post any questions to forums. smile

My mod shouldn't touch the submit button. I think you may have removed a line or two by accident. Restore the original post.php and try it again.

New version released that fixes two problems that were reported with 1.2.0 smile

chmartin1, that functionality is possible in theory, but will have to wait till the next version. I'll need to add a few routines to the post parser, and also allow users to hide the gallery, which is likely to be a bit of work.

Hello everyone,

It's been a while, but just as promised I was able to spend a few hours today on a new version. Quite a few new things and fixes, though most are on the back-end.

I haven't had time to test the upgrade procedure from 1.1.0 to 1.2.0, so be careful on that. I think I've got all the steps in there, but if not let me know smile

This is likely the last release in terms of any major features, at least for a month or so. I will certainly release new versions if people spot a problem with this one, but anything major will have to wait till I'm on winter break. No time otherwise sad

Be sure to read the readme notes before asking questions wink. Also, I make no promises on answering questions either here or on If you have some questions/comments/problems, please either e-mail them to me (if it's important) or post on I'll try to come by these forums once in a while as well, but might not do so on daily basis.

- Max

P.S. Would like to say a few things on a feature that didn't make it into this one, as I'm sure there will be questions. The biggest disappointment I had was finding out that input type="file" has its value property set to read-only. It actually makes sense for security reasons, but this effectively prevented me from implementing any kind of saving feature that would keep the values when the user clicks on 'Preview' or changes slot count. As a matter of fact, I actually had the entire thing done and ready to go. Tried to find out why the values aren't being shown in the fields, and then had to go back and remove all the related code. sad

Hi guys,

Sorry for not being around much for the past few weeks. Been busy with work and university. The mod does work fine in 1.2.9, as StevenBullen suggested, just change the install_mod.php file.

I still have a few things I've been meaning to add, just need to find the time to do that. Will try my best to find some time this weekend smile

- Max

Sounds like it might be your server's configuration then. Try this, put the following code into some file, say phpinfo.php and run it:




That will output all the php config info for your server. Do a search for file_uploads and make sure it has the value "On" set, also check upload_max_filesize, the default is 2M, but maybe your server is configured with something much smaller.

On a different note, I've re-launched my old site that has been doing nothing for the past few months. Would really help me if you guys join up there so I don't have to check a hundered different threads and forums. That'll be the place where I'll be posting most of the development info from now on, though of course, all releases will still be uploaded to

Site uri:

See you there wink

Hello all!

New version is out. See the topic for details. Major changes are: valid xhtml code, and new tool for cleaning up orphaned images. The rest are mostly bug fixes. I've also tested the mod on PunBB 1.2.8 and didn't find any problems.

Yes tables are still in, and after taking a look at what can be done with css, tables will stay in. You're more then welcome to modify this yourself, of course.

Still have a few things on my to-do list, but thought that this was a good place to stop and make sure everything works up to this point.


P.S. I should also note that I've taken a look at allowing the user to post no message body when uploading images. Right now, there is no easy way to allow this, so it will stay on my to-do list, but I make no promises on when or if this will every be possible. The main reason behind this is that checks for things such as if the message body is empty are done before they are entered in the database. Upload of the images happens after, so if I allow the system to bypass this message body check, and then it so happens that the images a user uploaded all break the limits, then you just have an empty post with no images or text. Like I said, if I can find a solution later, I will try.

You have to remove attachment mod if you want to use this one. There's no way for both to distinguish which file was uploaded to the attachment mod, and which one to the image upload mod. As a result, the two will get in each other?s way. Sorry, no way around this.

Rod wrote:

A GREAT BIG BUG smile I want to delete an user and all the posts of this user ... and I have this

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: delete_images() in /home/rbn/www/forum/include/functions.php on line 392

Confirmed, here's the solution:

1) Open profile.php
2) Find:

require PUN_ROOT.'include/common.php';

3) Add After:

require PUN_ROOT.'include/image_upload.php';

This will be added to the instructions for the next version.

How big of a picture are you trying to upload? Check that it's width, height, size, and type do not break the limits set in the settings.

Thin Lizzy wrote:

I have installed the mod successful and enabled users to upload images. If I reopen the Administration -> Forums -> Edit -> And Enable Image Upload, it is signed with red background. Is it normal?

The other question: I checked the error finding, it does not found any problems, but when I try to upload images, the uploading does not work. I cannot see my image neither at the preview, nor after the posting. What can be the problem? The Uploads directory is empty, Attributes: enabled Read-Write-Run for all users.

Thank you for your help.


The red background is normal, it simply means that the setting is different from the default, you get the same thing with the other 3 settings.

As for uploading, you won't be able to see anything at the preview, since images are only uploaded once you click Submit. One thing that happens however (and this should be fixed in the next version) is that if you hit Preview, the upload boxes are cleared, so when you hit Submit after that, no files are uploaded. My guess is that this is what happened with you. Try submitting without hitting the Preview, or if you do, you have to re-select the files to upload.

The second one is already on my to-do list, will take a look at number one as well.