i don't understand for what topic merging needed
the easiest way - change topic_id posts from one topic to another topic_id
in this way posts will order by posted date

What about bad non-PunBB person? lol


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It's serious reason make [2] page wink

$db->query("UPDATE prefix_posts SET topic_id=$new_id WHERE topic_id=$old_id");

easy way - copy html+css from punbb and edit for you needs

Hm.. what about http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=8972 ?


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women wink


why <?php echo $lang_profile['Section messaging'] ?> ? ))
and for what censor sex ?) male of female ? or i don't understand smth ?))

I mean, you can change attribute name in DB, and in code refer to null attribute 'jabber' f.e.

of cource database, sorry (base of data wink )
find in profile.php

        case 'messaging':
            $form = extract_elements(array(blablabla));

Enter character infos, for example:

$form = extract_elements(array('race', 'herotype', 'etc.'));

And also find

$result = $db->query('SELECT u.username, u.email,u.about, u.title, u.realname, u.url, u.jabber, u.icq, ...

Add there u.race, u.herotype etc.

of course:)


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TV smile

Where you change jabber to race ?
You forgot change place, where fields information from profiles updated in bd

Hm... intresting:)


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And what if just don't show user profile? For example content'll be:

Real name:
    Rickard Andersson
    Sorry, User currently banned, see you later wink)

Apupv, and "background-repeat: no-repeat;" wink


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What about putting small note into profile header?

<h2><span><?php echo $lang_profile['Profile'].'('.$lang_common['Banned'] ?>)</span></h2>


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coding tricks wink


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playing cards

how about make it yourself? )


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Hmmm.... what about ?)))


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It's intresting wink)

Rickard, now i now your ip adress - %)))))

and, the main plus of such icon-border in this: users, that turn off 'show images' can see icon

it was nothing4me;)
but, for what it? less pictures - faster