Are you sure you're reloading the css? I got the different colour link working fine on

I get really confused with the same topics being discussed separately on and shouldn't we have all the mod discussions in one place?

Anyway I made a quick pm email notifications thing which you can find on punres. It currently doesn't allow users to turn notifications off but I may add this soon. The development was paid for by Noche Magazine so I hope a little plug here is acceptable smile


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I searched high and low for an 85x15 pixel 'brilliant button' for PunBB but I just couldn't find one. So I made two!

They're not very good but since I couldn't find anything else I thought I'd share them anyway. If anyone wants to improve on those please do!


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Not sure if this has been forgotten so thought I'd bump it. I think "Archive" would be good - "Zap" sounds a bit ominous.