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I don't know who made the avatar images I'm including, I found them in a torrent, if someone knows who the author is please let me know so I can give proper kudos.

Installing this modification will automatically display a randomly selected avatar in posts for users who have none set.

Download: http://irunbackwards.com/files/pun_defaultavatars.zip


  • Keeps the same avatar per user in thread, you can see this effect in the screenshot.

  • Using your own avatars is easy, once the extension is installed, just upload additional (JPG|GIF|PNG) files to the 'avatars' folder in this extension's directory. (Or, replace the ones already there with your own.)


Usertagging for PunBB enables 'user tagging' which is the tagging feature you see on a lot of social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter that allows you to directly address a user by putting an at symbol in front of their username, like @username.

When tagging a user, this extension will subscribe a user, send the subscription email, and then unsubscribe the user from the topic. (If the user was already subscribed, they won't be unsubscribed.)

Download: http://irunbackwards.com/files/pun_usertagging.zip

Planned Features:

  • User tag 'leaderboard' that shows the most tagged users

  • Dynamic extension logic (user settings for email notifications, etc)

    • Always/never notify me if a user tags me in a post

    • Only notify me if a user tags me in a post I've started/replied to.

Screenshot: http://imgur.com/qnAQx.jpg