Is there a away to only allow moderators to benefit instead of everyone who posts?


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Endogen - You may not see the point of doing it, buts its open source code so why not? Also, it may look stupid creating my own feature requests but it makes it a whole lot easier to see what needs doing, id also like to let people see whats going on. What would be the point of doing these things if no one noes about them?


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I can understand we're your coming from, but this time you will see a real project come out of this.

The project probably does lack soul, that's something that comes with time & a great community!


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Okay and you've based this assesment when i havent even released version 1, therefor you are unable to see the modifications i have made, The SimpleBB website itself is running punBB as it is a stable release, I have not released version one of simpleBB. I am still developing it! SimpleBB version one is based on punbb i make no secrete of it but it will also be very different with our own development goals.

For example, version one will allow mobile users to navigate to your site, they will then be taken to the mobile version of your site.

Also easily add advertising in a few clicks aswell as an admin function to add analytic s tracking codes so you can easily track whats doing well and whats not.

Please, i respect your opinion but atleast wait for the first release before you judge it!


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Seems to be working fine for me, what browser ect are you using?


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To be fair, its in development and probably seems exactly the same, i have however made various changes to the back end.

And ofcourse the website hasn't got the latest version yet its still in development.

The next release will support mobile devices as standard, it will also be more integrated with social media from the core.

Great idea!

I have developed this idea and its now possible for you to easily create a mobile version of your site for users of mobile internet.

Easy to implement, Support Provided. Still being developed!

Fully compatible with PunBB 1.4.

For more information go … m.php?id=6

SimpleBBM (SimpleBulletinBoardMobile)
Based on SimpleBB, which is based on PunBB code.


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I've read the original post's and would like to say that i was starting work on a punbb alternative based on there code. If anyone is interested in helping you can go to my website here It will of course remain open source, i would like as much community involvement as possible.

SimpleBB is a new alternative to PunBB. We are currently creating our first release. We need your help, theme designers, extension creators, mysql guru's and php developers.



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Hello, I have recently installed punbb and I would like to make a minor change which im unsure of how to go about.

If you view my website you will see I have added a 'custom header' which is a simple html. At the moment the only way i could figure out how to easyily add it was to copy the code to the top of the page : /style/Oxygen/oxygen.php. This is abit of a crude way to implement the code and of course i am still stuck with the original header with the site title. (I want to keep the navigation). Probably a simple way to do it, im just not sure!

I am unable to post the html code here because it has urls in it which seem to be limited to 1 per post!

Thank's in advance,


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Hi, basicly im running PunBB with loads of extentions i did have a classifieds section on my old site (before re done the site using this forum script)

I would like to re intergrate open classifieds back into my site, i would just like to know in general how could create a page with my sites header and footer (with no content inbetween) so i can then intergrate with OC, also this would come in handy to create custom error pages ect.