Would it be possible to make it change image on different usergroup too?
I tried some stuff but couldnt make it work.

Ye, but it worked when I removed the "true" thing.

I installed it, but it only shows one forum.
I have set the minimumposts to 0 on all boards, and still I can only see one of them.

Also, you should add "Send inn all" instead of clicking one time for each forum.
It might take some time for some of us.

Edit: I replaced "f.disp_position', true" with "f.disp_position'" in index.php, since I didnt have the true, and now it works.

If you know how to remove the subforumthing, please tell me tongue
It made my index.php page so ** slow so I just removed some parts of it, dont know witch.

I'll try your thing now smile

I cant find the think I'm supposed to find in viewtopic.php, or I have already used a mod and changed it.
I'm not good enough to try to figure it out myself.

If you want to help me or just say what to add/replace, here is my code:

$result = $db->query('SELECT f.forum_name, pf.forum_name AS parent_forum, f.forum_name, f.redirect_url, f.moderators, f.num_topics, f.sort_by, f.parent_forum_id, fp.post_topics FROM '.$db->prefix.'forums AS f LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forum_perms AS fp ON (fp.forum_id=f.id AND fp.group_id='.$pun_user['g_id'].') LEFT JOIN '.$db->prefix.'forums AS pf ON f.parent_forum_id=pf.id WHERE (fp.read_forum IS NULL OR fp.read_forum=1) AND f.id='.$id) or error('Unable to fetch forum info', __FILE__, __LINE__, $db->error());

Wee, first one to download it.

I'll test it now and see if it works.
Any known bugs?

Thank you big_smile
It worked perfect!

You can see it "live" here: http://tibia.no/forum/viewtopic.php?id=148

I dont think you understand what I mean.

I want it to change between different pictures.
Like 10 posts is a red square and 100 posts is a green square, not 10 red squares.

You have to update the readme file for the newest version (0.6).
The Quick box is not working with the codes you said, but it works with this codes: http://www.punres.org/viewtopic.php?pid=6223#p6223

Eh, can you explain that another way? I didnt understand, sorry.

As the topic says, is it possible to have different images for each rank?
I already got the "duplicate image" thing, but I want it to display different images for each ranks.

Thanks, found it now smile


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It takes like 5 seconds to load my index.php.

I'm sure I havent done anything to it, maybe only the subforum plugin.
The other pages loads normaly.

Any ideas?

And where do I get that file from?
I dont got it already, and it didnt come with the plugin.

Thanks, but I cant get it working.
I cant find where to see the status?

Paul wrote:

I think this would have to be a mod. As a feature you have to think is it something that a forum, particulalry a lightweight forum like PunBB, really needs. I suspect not.

I didnt know where to post it, becouse the mod forum looks like its only for finished mods, so I placed it here.
Feel free to move it if you want, and sorry if this was wrong place.

I thought about this;

Would it be possible to show who users read the thread when you read it too?
Like "Users reading this post: User1, User2, User3..."

And, would it be possible to show WHAT post or WHERE in the forum a user is when you click on his/her profile?


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No one wants to reply?
Someone must have visited us, and have any comments.

Eh, right.



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Why not just copy the forum folder to two places?
It gets the info from the same database then.

I'm almost sure I havent moved anything.
If I did, it was becouse some plugin, like reputation or something.

Hm, I'm not sure what you mean with the articles.php, since I didnt make the script.
But I'll talk to the scripter.

Thanks for your reply!


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Someone might remember me, but anyways.
I have changed the forum a bit, and I would like some feedback.

Link: http://tibia.no/forum/

If there is something you dont like or want changed, dont want with posting it.

Yours, Runar


I have edited the theme so it fits my website, but I'm stuck with one problem:

Under the avatar and such, its a very width border.
I cant change it the way I want.

Take a look:

If you scroll down, you'll see what I mean.
The black border from above dissapears.

Any way to fix this?

Thanks for all replies and feedback on the design.

Yours, Runar


When I checked my forum now, it has 3806 new users, and everyone are from the same IP and got the username from 0__NsT to 3806__NsT.

Is this a bug or someone that think its funny?
And how can I delete every of these users without deleting the other users?

Thanks for all answers.

Yours, Runar


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It looks good smile

Makes me think of phpBB. (maybe that was your point, if yes, great job)