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Edit: It worked!

I placed <div id="punwrap"> just under <body>, and now its perfect!
Thank you so much!


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I have my own menu at the top of the forum layout, but then it moves to the center.

The menu is a list (<ul>) and is styled with css, but in the forum its beeing centered instead of left.

Maybe this wasnt so easy to understand, but you can see it "live" here:

Forum: http://maiden.tibia.no/forum/
Other: http://maiden.tibia.no/

I hope anyone know how to fix this.

Thanks for the comments, I'll fix the text error tomorrow.

Any idea how I can fix the menu bug?
Move the menu back to the left?

Notch: Its latin dummy text tongue
As I said, the page isnt done so its just some text to fill some space.

Oh sorry tongue

Forgot to change the menu.
Here is a direct link to the forum: http://maiden.tibia.no/forum/


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Looks good smile

I think you have done a good job!


I have worked alot on my newest project, http://maiden.tibia.no and its not almost done.
Direct link to the forum: http://maiden.tibia.no/forum/

There is some stuff I want to ask about:

1) I'm not very happy with my forum layout. I dont know whats missing, but something is.
2) As you can see, the menu moves to the center when you access the forum. Its not supposed to do that.

I would be very glad if anyone knew what to do with the last problem, and if anyone at all want to comment my design.

I'll update my post if there is anything else.

Yours, Runar

Is it possible to make it show like the first 10 words instead of paragraphs?

It keeps happening.

I havent changed anything since last time it worked, so I really dont know why.
Might the problem be ALOT of underforums that have to load?


When I try to access my forum, I get this message:

An error was encountered wrote:

Error: Unable to connect to MySQL server. MySQL reported: Lost connection to MySQL server during query.

The strange thing is that NOTHING has changed, like the username and password for the database is still the same as when I installed it.
I can still access the database too, and nothing is wrong with it.

So I really hope you guys can help me, becouse I really need to fix this problem.

Yours, Runar

Problem solved, I just added:

DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BORDER-COLOR: #FFDF9F; Border: 0px;}

Edit: When I remove that border, the post just continues -->

Anyone know how to fix this? It would be very nice.


Hm, I cant find the place to change that border, but I'll keep looking.

And I want to remove the backgroundcolor, not only change it.


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Fatal error: Call to undefined function: generate_whosonline() in /home/www/forums.allhyper.com/header.php on line 182

You should fix that smile

I have changed the layout so its no background color, but I cant make it work for the posts.
Look at this pic:


Here is the link:


I really hope someone know what I have to do, when I remove

DIV.postright, DIV.postfootright {BORDER-COLOR: #FFDF9F}

its just turning black.


Hm, I get these errors:

Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to access img/gallery/2_1135944821.jpg in /hsphere/local/home/runar/tibia.no/forum/gallery_post.php on line 240

Warning: imagejpeg(): Invalid filename 'img/gallery/2_1135944821.jpg' in /hsphere/local/home/runar/tibia.no/forum/gallery_post.php on line 240

Warning: imagejpeg(): Unable to access img/gallery/2_thumbs_1135944821.jpg in /hsphere/local/home/runar/tibia.no/forum/gallery_post.php on line 259

Warning: imagejpeg(): Invalid filename 'img/gallery/2_thumbs_1135944821.jpg' in /hsphere/local/home/runar/tibia.no/forum/gallery_post.php on line 259

The errors comes even if I dont use FTP.
But I'm not sure what to write in FTP Upload directory..


When I put people in the Moderator group, they can only do some stuff.
They cant close the threads since they cant see the "moderate forum" link.

The only way to give them that, is to make each user moderating each forum, but then the index is kinda messy.

The link to my site: http://tibia.no/forum/index.php

I hope someone understand my "problem".

Yours, Runar


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Thanks Simmy, I used the last design you posted smile

Edit: Problem fixed.


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Yeah, its really good!


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Is there any way to make every user display images?
And not so they have to change it themself?


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I know, I replaced the forum index.php with my sites index.php, but the error is fixed now.


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Thanks, and about the ads: I removed them (or I had to..stupid google) so I'll fix the CSS of the forum now.

Thanks for your tips smile

Just added the code of the footer.php in the end of the template file.


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My site was much better after adding PunBB Forum into it.
And thanks to Paul for helping me.

Here is the link to my site: http://www.tibia.no

Hope you like it, and tell me what you think could be improved.



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Strange two of us got Tibia fanpages, and our countries are so close smile
(norway here)

Anyways, I like this design better than the last one.

I thank you again, Paul!

Fixed the problem.

Thank you, fixed it now.

Now its only one thing I can see that I cant fix, and thats the left menu in IE.
But thats my problem smile

Anyways, thanks again!