Is this still valid, I can't find that line in header.php

How do I put a loggo on my forum, please advice.


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Would appreciate an answer folks :-)

hcs wrote:

What version of the extension?

Version v1.1.7 on PunBB 1.3.5

hklown wrote:

It depends on what FTP software you use. Look in the software's documentation for how to change a file/folder's permissions (CHMOD) and change the uploads folder to something where the user and group have write permission.

Ok, done that, it didn't do the trick.

And now that I look, I DO NOT have the "images" link in the administrator area like shown above.

Hmm, this is getting cranky smile


I uninstalled it, redid it, fixed the CHMOD but still dosen't work. It just loads, loads and loads but
the picture never ends up in the forum. It stops at 90-92% and that's that.

hklown wrote:

my guess is you need to chmod the folder that the extension uploads files to (I think it is called "uploads"?) so that the script has permissions to write the files to it.

Ok, How do I do that?

Hi folks.

Just downloaded this extension yesterday, installed it and everything looka
great, however, ones I try to upload a picture the submission never goes
through, it just stands there and ticking the upload clock, forever.

What can cause this problem.


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Hi folks.

I hope someone can help me. I have a rotating banner script on my
forum but I would like to change it's position up to the logofield so
to speak (see pic)

Where do I do that?

Thank you in advance.


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Ok, thanks.


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Hi folks.

I am kind of desparate for a Swedish language pack, I just love
the forum and the way everything works but a Swedish pack
would be awesome.



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If I am to do it myself, which page is it that I am supposed to edit,
I have looked but can't seem to find it.

If I click sourcecode browsing my forum, all is there but which file is it
in the root directory?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi folks.

I just installed a PunBB forum and I love it, SOOOOO easy to work with.

Question, is there a Swedish Language Pack released?