You mean these snows. Cool. I didn't see it at first since my Javascript was disabled. smile

They move kinda faster in IE and slow in Firefox.



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Runar wrote:

Thanks, and about the ads: I removed them (or I had to..stupid google) so I'll fix the CSS of the forum now.

Great job with the new improvements. My inputs are just recommendations. Here are some screenshot of the new CSS style that I'd generated randomly that might resemble the style of the rest of your site. dark, enlarge plain, enlarge

Gaming sites like yours seems practical with dark forums or whichever style that works. Sorry, but the CSS I don't have saved.

Merry Christmas to you all.  Where do you think
you'll be going for Christmas?

There were some here that really gave support to
people when they need it and I'm thankful.

Some fun short 1 MB clip. … erclip.mp3 … elclip.mp3 … elclip.mp3 … asclip.mp3 … tenson.mp3

I forgot where I got them but some offer no cost full downloads.

Has anyone figured out how to import USNET newsgroup into PunBB? I just need a way to fill my forum so it doens't look too empty. I've see this done on phpBB forums but not sure how they did it? What is a practical way to get USNET into punBB?


An image with width and height displays faster and allow users to read the text faster on graphic intensive forums with tall images. I would like to include Image width and height BBcodes into PunBB which was sucessfully achieved in PhpBB. Here is the PhpBB version.

I've looked at parser.php and find it a bit complicated to try to change the code and done nothing. How can it be implemented in PunBB?

[img width=81 height=81][/img]

example: Clear your cache and try reloading in a new window. Notice the images will load not the same time as the text.

Wow. That did the trick. What a short and simple code. Thanks. big_smile

One more thing, if it's not more to ask. Is there a way to get the word "Pages:" to have a border around it too?


Like the image above, how do I turn basic numbers into numbers at the bottom of the page with borders using CSS? The boxes make it easier to locate and position our mouse pointer and navigate. Has anyone sucessfully created something like this?


Is there a feature that prevents the term "Last edited by " from showing up when no one has posted a reply to our post? If not can it be added in the next edition of PunBB?



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Looks great, I like it.

The ads kind of stretch the forum then squeezes the messages body.  This makes it hard to identify the contents from the ads. Another words the ads can distract the readers. Ads can usually go on top or bottom because users can scroll to avoid distractions.  You can keep the ads where they are until readers begin reading the forum or replace the ads with some text links relevant to the forum when users are reading the forum, but that might take some work. Just an opinion.

The top area has a few unused space. I think that some folks with tiny monitors will probably get annoyed. Mambo sites tends to do this stuff a lot.

All you have to do now is to change a bit of PunBB's CSS and you have a consistent style. Anyway great job with what looks like a seemless integration.:)


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I don't know if anyone's solve this problem but check this out. Input the string

"Hmmm.... it sure

into the search box on this page

It searches blazingly fast and also highlight searches too.   big_smile.  I don't know what kind of an engine Google uses.

PM, I mean email, me if you like the source code.