Yes, I saw this option, thank you, but it's not what I actually need because it displays original images. Several digital photos attached in a topic might easily make opening it quite a bandwidth consuming task.

For example, SMF deals very nicely with image attachments: it creates small thumbnail images during the upload and displays them inline in posts. Only when a user clicks on thumbnails, the original image is loaded and displayed.

Alternatively, could you maybe advice other solution? I tried several unofficial extensions and mods like "image upload", but they were either outdated or just didn't want to work.



So, are there any chances for adding the possibility to display thumbnails of attached images?

I love punbb, its clean look, simplicity and logical design. With the 'tags' and 'attachments' extension it would be just perfect for me, except this one little missing feature... Pretty please :-)

Anyway, thanks to the devs for their great work!