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Thanks a lot but now I'm unable to approve registration. I gives me an error when I try to click Approve, whereas Refuseing works perfectly.
Could you please reupload the 1.5.0 version?

What theme are you using?
You must have a CSS stylesheet that corresponds to your theme in /extension/pun_bbcode/css. You can use the default one called "Oxygen"

For example, if your theme is called MyTheme, it must look like this



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Try clearing your /cache folder


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That's because you have only 1 theme installed.
You must have at least 2 themes to see the box appear.

If it doesn't work on official PunBB forum, blame your internet browser.

Why don't you use Discuz or Vanilla if you like them? Transforming PunBB to look like Vanilla takes a lot of time and is probably not such a good idea.


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As far as I know there is no tutorial but it's actually very easy if you know a bit of CSS. You can use CSS to theme almost everything in PunBB.

It depends if you want to completely rework the layout or just make some enhancements. I'm pretty sure some people (myself included) would give you some hints if you come here and post a theme model.


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I've seen something about custom fields in user profiles already. If this works, then it's not too hard to edit the viewtopic.php file and print these fields whenever you want. Of course it requires some knowledge of PHP hmm


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Unfortunately this can't be done, unless you create custom groups of people allowed to re-open topics.

Topics are not closed for no reason, hence they don't have to be reopened except in rare situations. This is common to all forum scripts you will find online I'm afraid.

It's called Question2Answer.org

Hm I don't think so, Vanilla and PunBB are 2 very different things!
What are you interested in? The layout or the colors?

Only board admins can see poster IP, it's already hidden for everyone else.
If you really want to hide it to admins for cosmetic reasons, you can add a display:none property in the corresponding CSS rule (in your forum style CSS file)


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Did you start from a pure 1.4 theme? Oxygen for example. This is extremely important.
Modifying an old theme from 1.2 or 1.3 won't be enough because other things than CSS have changed (.tpl files for example)

Moreover, I don't understand why you mention the viewtopic.php file. Did you change other core files? If yes, please restore everything, clear your cache, and check if BBcode is working. Modifications must rather be done using hooks in an extension.

I can give you some advises with your theme if you need it (like moving the menu bar above the forum header for example)

I had the same issue when I moved from 1.2 to 1.3. This is how I solved it:

  • Changed my cookie name in the config.php file

  • Cleared my cache

  • Logged off/Logged in back

Now it works for everyone.


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NiCk Newman wrote:

No, punbb's community is alot more active.

My bad. I prefer PunBB anyway tongue


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m.forlani wrote:

Change configuration from localhost to the new server address

This can be done in the file called "config.php", in your forum folder.

Everything should be 755, even the cache.

I used to set it to 777 in my extension folder, and had some issues loading css and js files on apache. It's probably a security rule I missed in my configuration. Getting back to 755 solved it.
A good old "chmod -R 755" should do the trick for you.

Let us know!


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Your link is wrong, use the one in first post

>>> http://punbb.wiiem.pl/download_extensio … _2.4.3.zip


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You can modify any file without harming W3C, as long as you make sure to generate proper XHTML.


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Hey sir,

Hm yes according to the CSS code it looks like a hardly modified PunBB! You'd rather contact the webmaster just to make sure of this smile

FluxBB is a fork project of PunBB 1.2, in my opinion it's still very similar. Their community is a bit more active but it's hard to compare both solutions.

You can find good guidelines here:
http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … evelopment

Browsing the forum will also explain you more about hooks.


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* There is an extension for similar topic, made by dimka --> here

* What did you mean about CAPTCHA? Embed a Captcha into stop_bots extension?


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Quand je passe sur le thème Oxygen sur ton forum tout fonctionne. Ce n'est donc pas un problème avec l'extension.

Ça sent l'incompatibilité de style à plein nez ton truc. ne cherche pas plus loin, ton thème Carbon a été créé pour la version 1.2. Je l'utilisais il y a plus de deux ans yikes  Beaucoup de choses ont changé depuis, et ta feuille CSS est très très (très) incomplète à ce que je vois.

Je viens tout juste de passer en 1.4 et j'ai recréé entièrement mon thème par prudence. Tu devrais repartir du style Oxygen et y ré-appliquer tes changements. Ton forum est assez simpliste, ça ne devrait pas te prendre plus de deux heures si t'es assez familier avec la CSS.

Ahh my mistake, I didn't notice the "hd_head" hook usage!

I tried to use it also, but the shoutbox appeared completely above my page.

New registered users get assigned the default board theme by default, the one your set in board settings.

If you want to apply a new theme for everyone:

  • Upload your new theme inside the /style folder

  • create a folder called "backup" in the /style folder and move the current default theme inside it (should be Oxygen if you have just installed your forum)

And that's it, people will have the new theme as new theme.

If you want to keep Oxygen available in complement of your custom theme, you will have to run a little SQL script that changes the default style for all users. Ask me if you need such a thing.