Thanks!!  big_smile

So you had to use JScript to move it above the forum? No hook was available for that?


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Je les vois moi tes boutons. Il faut juste que tu édites le style de l'extension pun_bbcode. Chaque extenson à sa propre CSS. Regarde dans le répertoire de l'extension en question.

I do see your buttons. What you have to do is edit the extension style. Every single extension has its own CSS. Check the extension folder.


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That's another problem, but you can still edit footer?php in general language.

If you need a footer in your language you can get inspired by existing language packs.

Check this … k-twitter/


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Modify footer.php and edit what you need from here.

Damn, I'm a noob with extension developpement. I wanted to move the box abover the forum but I can't find a hook that resides above the main board (brd-main)  hmm
Is there a hooks list somewhere?


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oh, I know why this error is popping yikes

Sorry, actually I made a mistake, you should try to create a NEW file called .htaccess in your forum folder. Copy what I wrote before and paste it in your file. This will work fine, no need to delete by hand now smile

If not, PM me a way to access your file manager (temporary account maybe?) and I'll fix it.

About the shoutbox, you should ask in the extension topic because I don't know about extension developpement.


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stefde3 wrote:

hum..... how do you clear cache ? big_smile
i deletded all folders except .htaccess and index.html

So... you have cleared your cache.
You can also use the "admin clear cache" extension.

Is it working now?

Send a link to your forum please.


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I have the exact same extensions as yours and my BBcode works just fine.
Have you tried clearing your cache? Delete evrything except .htaccess and index.php in your /cache directory just to make sure.

Can you link your forum page please?


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3 solutions:

  • Notify the error to your host

  • Find a way to program the removal of your file

  • Disable all error logs

Btw did you try to disable fancy video tag? I'm not sure that's the source of the issue but at least you can try.

To disable repeated errors, you can edit the .htaccess.dist file in your PunBB folder, and add these lines at the very top

# disable repeated error logging
php_flag ignore_repeated_errors on
php_flag ignore_repeated_source on

To disable logs completely, add these lines instead

# enable PHP error logging
php_flag  log_errors off
php_value error_log  /dev/null

Same question, I loved this extension on 1.3.
Hope DiD will read this someday and port his wonderful extension!


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Look in "Administration" for PHP version


Operating system: Linux
PHP: 5.2.17 - Show info
Accelerator: N/A

You have a conflict between ffmpeg module version and ffmpeg PHP built-in version. But it's only a Warning, not and Error! It means your forum will work perfectly despite this little message.

If you have access to your server shell you can try to fix it like explained here.

If not, don't worry man, it's not a big deal as long as everything works well for you, you can ignore the log... smile

He means when you post a message.

But that's especially on his forum because he has moved the input under the chatbox, which gives this strange effect. I have noticed the extension usually places the input above. In hoang's case (with the input under the chatbox) it makes sense listing messages from top to bottom, but that's quite specific. Not a big deal when you know it.


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The problem comes from your PHP version, not from PunBB. It's trying to load an inexistant module (ffmpeg)

Do you have PHP 5.x or 4.x ?
Are you using the fancy_video extension?

Nop, people have to suscribe to every topic by hand. Suscribing to a forum only notifies new threads.

It's a question, not an extension


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I barely know anything about PHP, but it seems that you're blocking on the first call of the "get_remote_address();" function in functions.php.

Create a little file called test.php at the root of your site and copy this:


if (!defined('FORUM_ROOT'))
    define('FORUM_ROOT', 'forum/');
require FORUM_ROOT.'include/common.php';

$remote_addr = get_remote_address();
echo $remote_addr


What does this function return for you? It must return YOUR ip address.
This is what it returns for me >> test page

Check include/functions.php and try to determine why this function does not work (PHP version?)

This extension is really cool cool
As it was already requested, it could be nice if we had the possibility to show the shoutbox under the announcement box instead of at the bottom of the page.


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Why don't you create a topic for your extension Kushi? I've been looking for something like this for hours!


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Very clean job, nice work!


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Hum what are you trying to do? You must use .TPL files in /include/template for site integration. Just copy these files into your /style/theme folder and start modifying them.


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>> THK clan

A Call of Juarez game forum.

Freshly updated to PunBB 1.4.2 after a long run under 1.3, and even 1.2 before that.
Entirely re-themed from the Oxygen stock style, I've also used Iconic icons after being inspired by Kushi's work.


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This theme is beautiful, the only bug I have noticed occurs with pun_karma. The + and - pictures are not aligned correctly.


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Bug confirmed. The welcome.tpl file is missing.
Please copy the one from the forum/lang/English/mail_template/ folder or update your path.

Great extension btw

Another error found, with [ URL ] bbcode this time.

It converts ' = ' symbols into ' %253D ', making the URL invalid.