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hehe kinda cool, I googled on this matter and I find my own question smile smile
but still no answer sad

what did you do  to ix it?
Would be great to know smile

thx but there are 1651 files, can it handle all at the same time? or it's gonna take a while tongue

....but what if I'm using Linux?
(I'll try through wine but I'd doubt it'll work)


Just found a Linux alternative: http://meldmerge.org/


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K, I'm about to

btw, check this: http://punbb.informer.com/forums/post/146660/#p146660

Hopefully this is the correct place for this since it deals with v1.4

Since we made some changes to the 1.3.4 code like the layout and colors and other stuff, is there a list of what's really changed since 1.3.4
(or maybe 1.3.5 or 1.3.6).
This so we're able not to install the files with no changes in it that may have our code changes in them thus making the time for the upgrade a lot less.
Better yet, not a full reinstall (since you really replace all web-files) just an uprgade that has the files that has changes in it.

Pleeease let there be a list/upgrade tongue


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no one?


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There is no real solution or this.
reCAPTCHA needs to be remade since there's a script that they use to register even with that installed.


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dikka wrote:
Ran_Tun wrote:

Hey Folks...

I can't install Portal by Daris 2.4.3 on punBB 1.4.2 
Get Forum Message  => "This extension is not compatible with your PunBB version."

Is there a workaround?

edit:  Solved!

How big_smile I'm getting the same..

Lemme see here...
"install Portal by Daris 2.4.3 on punBB 1.4.2"
and this is posted in the "1.3" section tongue
Think you'll get better support if you post it in the 1.4 section

tongue tongue

I even think (haven't the the energy to read up) that version 1.3x is OUT!!! of official support.

This I've never had, even with spammers.
Almost sounds like a hacking of your site or such.

Don't know if this is what you mean but........
You can in "Administration/Settings/Announcements" write something.

- Tick the 'Enable announcement'
- Set a 'Announcement heading'
- Set a 'Announcement message'
in this last  one you can use html to format your text etc.

Hope this helps smile

PS. I use that right now telling all our users of the "flaw" in 1.3.4
when posting, if the total user amount is about 300, they will get an error,
but the post WILL be posted, but some "after work", like increasing the posting user's post-amount won't work.
Think I have a question about that but no answer yet.

l8r dude-tte tongue


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I know this is old but I've got some people asking about a mobile thing so I wanted to try this out and sice we're still on 1.3.4 it should work.

I DLd the 3 files, created a dir in 'extensions' and put them there but when looking at the extensions I wanna install I only get this from this perticular one.

IMPORTANT! The extensions listed below were found in the extensions folder but are not available for install or upgrade because the errors displayed below were detected.
Loading of extension "mobileswitch" failed.

Root element engine attribute is malformed or missing. Element extension/id is malformed or missing. Element extension/id does not match the extension folder name. Element extension/title is malformed or missing. Element extension/version is malformed or missing. Element extension/description is malformed or missing. Element extension/author is malformed or missing. Element extension/minversion is malformed or missing. Element extension/maxtestedon is malformed or missing.

What I'm I doing wrong?
I've done this plenty of time but now it just won't work.


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we got a PunBB forum (sorry still just 1.3.4) but I just now was wondering if there is an addon of some sort to add some flash games into the forum itself? Could be a funny part for the users to get in there, play and get a mark on their mark on their profile how many games they are on top of tongue

Hopefully no need to "hack" the code much since we already got too much of those.


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hmm, can't find it tongue
but I know I saw it yesterday, somewhere in here I think, but I can't find it now lol
anyhow, even if we want to upgrade to 1.4.2 there still are problems


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I know that using no released "hacks" sure slows doen the upgrade, but I wanna know if you got some smart tips for me to do when upgrading since
we have some smaller "hacks". Coloring, removing of some text, adding smaller functions that normally isn't in there.

so ANY smart ideas is very good, and especially now when 1.5 is out and we're still on 1.3

Moving it... well that might be a lot of problems as I've still having that, but you can be lucky to have no problems at all.

Don't know what type of webhost this is, but I guess it's the most normal, thus only access to the webfiles is through FTP.
If you have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) then you should probably have full access to the entire server hence using SSH for it which also is
WAY faster but also much more expensive.

If the first, then use an FTP client to download all webfiles, like the root director(y/ies), then use phpMyAdmin for the database (they probably have that)


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This can post in almost any forums without registering and also bypass reCAPTCHA.

A solution for this is sure needed


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We need a good extension that works with 'Stop Forum Spam' and at registration!!! so they can't even get an account.
I think I tried once before but that didn't work, but I can't remember if that was a "true" extension that worked with


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jerry2yu wrote:
Millennium wrote:

Lucky you jerry2yu tongue
We get like 10-30 everyday since last week but when I'm awake I go and check all new users to see what they are
and most of them are spammers so I remove them even before they spam smile

Sounds like a good idea to prevent spams beforehand, but it's still time consuming!

sure is sad

If your website is for example, in the directory: /http/www/website/ and your apache "DocumentRoot" is set to that same
then if you create a dir under that called: forum and put everything related to it under that.

Then somewhere in that websites pages, like in the main page you see when you first get to it,
THAT file, you'll have to "hack", add some code so you get a "webpage-link" to your "probably" index.php in that
"/forum" directory.

How to do THAT.......
Then you either need to read up on php or let a friend fix it for ya smile
If you know the FULL paths for both the webpage and the forum anyone here can help out.
Then you just send the file necessary for it and and you can try those.


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For me that seems to be a permission error on a directory/file.
Check to see if you got execute permissions on directories.


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My first thing would to check the logs.
I think I had this once too when I fiddled with it here, cut I can't recall what I did.


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Lucky you jerry2yu tongue
We get like 10-30 everyday since last week but when I'm awake I go and check all new users to see what they are
and most of them are spammers so I remove them even before they spam smile


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Do you use your own server? if so, check the apache logs
if you use a webhotel check to see if you can access their error logs.


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It started almost a week ago. There gotta be a "hole" somewhere that they found.
I've heard other forums that got the same stuff happening.

I use the extension: "reCAPTCHA for punBB" but they still get it and I really don't think they do it manually.
If anyone finds a solution, post that in the forum.