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I've left punbb for a while. and now i'm trying to install one. i hoped that it would still support rtl (by default at least). unfortunately, even if i installed 1.2, the rtl files by zaher are no longer available sad . now, u seem like the man for this job. i'm really hoping that you have a solution already (preferable not involving changing the structure to tables).

So, any news?

guys plz at least a hint

hi all,

how can I change the font size or type in the text box of posting reply and threads?
I would like to make it as it will appear after posting.. big and clear, because i've already changed the posts font and size befire to arial (1.7em)


and thats why I needed to do so.

also in the registration to be an optional field if bossible

and this is what to cahnge for ip's:

search for "IP"
and change the rule to:

if ($pun_user['g_id'] == PUN_ADMIN)

well, the way i've mentioned is the only one i did to disable viewing emails..

i think i'll redo this to ip(s) too

Hi there,

I've recently realized that moderators can see user's emails through viewtopic!
Even if a moderator is given no permission to edit a user profile from the administration, a Mod. still see the email by pointing at any "E-mail" link under the users info and the email appears on the status bar of the browser..

I think it's just about the 2nd code of e-mail permission in viewtopic.php to be cahnged to:

'<a href="misc.php?email='.$cur_post['poster_id'].'">'.$lang_common['E-mail'].'</a>';


OH! yes..

I can forget about the 'real name' thing and change it to 'specialization'..
Now, it only needs to be in view topic..


Thank you, I'll be waiting fro anybody.


Well I would like the input box to have the title "Specialization: __i__n__p__u__t__ ".
Because it is an educational forum.

Hi all,

I wonder if I can add a new input box that appears while registration and in the personal section of the profile menu.
Also, it is shown in topicview with every pst if available.

Is it possible? big_smile

Tnx for any help.

This seams better to me.

adjust wrote:

Hello. Have installed Easy_BBCode_1.0.1, works fine but i want smileys and bbcode to show over quickpost, look at the picture. How do i do?

http://img478.imageshack.us/img478/3923 … ostie6.jpg

repeat step 5, 6 and 7 to viewtopic.php

#---------[ 5. OPEN ]---------------------------------------------------------


#---------[ 6. FIND (line: 210) ]---------------------------------------------

<?php endif; ?>                        <label><?php echo $lang_common['Message'] ?><br />

#---------[ 7. REPLACE WITH ]-------------------------------------------------

<?php endif; $bbcode_form = 'edit'; $bbcode_field = 'req_message'; require PUN_ROOT.'mod_easy_bbcode.php'; ?>                        <label><?php echo $lang_common['Message'] ?><br />

There's a MOD for that already: http://wiki.punres.org/Last_post%27s_su … orum_index


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It worked smile
Thank you CodeXP V.much
I need to get use to those .pun things


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Hi all,

How to remove ALL link's underlinings in the whole forum except on hover? Exactly like the navbar menu on top.

Well while waiting for a reply, I thought a bout another important question:
How can I let a forum visible and its vieforum is also visible but nobody can view a single topic?


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The only thing you need to do is to upload the "upload" folder to the root directory of your site after renaming it to what ever you like to be as a forum directory i.e "punbb".
Then the base URL will be http://shuvro.1111mb.com/punbb


I think this topic is in the wrong forum. Can anybody move it to Feature Request or Mod forum, please?

Hi all,

I wonder if there is a way to make a forum visible on the index page of a forum but no topics is shown in that forum when entering the viewforum.php for a specific usergroug?

I know that there is an option in the administration that can be modified for each forum (Read, Add posts and Add Threads), but disabling the 'Read' options for a specific usergrup makes the forum invisible on the index page too.

And what about cssFlip-1.1.1.zip

zaher wrote:

you need only, and it is compatible with 1.2.12
extract it and apply the MOD readme

Did anybody understood a word?!!
PLZ write in English!

Well, all of the forum's fonts changed to Tahoma except all of the redirection form's font!

Hi all,

The matter is that I've changed the font family order to Tahoma in 1st position in the style.css file and every thing worked fine except with all redirection forms (new posts, modifying, logging in/out...).

Is there any solution?

Otherwise, please lead me to any possible way to reach the redirection form script in order to read ad try to make changes on it if possible.